"Adamas is an upcoming South Korean truth-tracking drama in which twin brothers dig into the secrets hidden behind their father's 20 year old murder. In the process, they find Adamas, the murder weapon which disappeared along with the witness' daughter, and catch the real culprit.

Ji Sung will play the dual roles of Woo-sin and Soo-hyuk, twins who struggle to find out the truth about their father's death. 

Seo Ji-hye will play Eun Hye-soo, the wife of the eldest son of a Chaebol family. 


Lee Soo-kyung-I will play social media reporter Kim Seo-hee.


Adamas will be scripted by Choi Tae-kang, and directed by director Park Seung-woo, who has a reputation for well-made dramas. Adamas is expected to premier something in the middle half of 2022.  


Media outlet News1 reported on May 21st that Lee Hyun Wook would be the male lead for the upcoming Netflix original series The Bride of Black. Kim Hee Sun will be the female lead, and the script will be written by Lee Geun Young (I'm a Mother, Too, and My Mother is a Daughter-In-Law). Lee Hyun Wook's agency Management Air confirmed that the actor would join the new drama. 

The Bride of Black will be about the desire in the remarriage market, focusing around the upper-class marriage information companies. It is said that the series will have 16 episodes and will air both on JTBC and Netflix.  The drama will reportedly start its production, and it will air sometime next year. 

The Bride of Black will Lee Hyun Wook's third drama project for 2021. He is in the currently airing tvN drama Mine and Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung. He was also part of the 2021 drama. She Would Never Know with Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon.  He made his acting debut in 2014 and finally drew attention with his performance in the 2019 OCN drama Strangers from Hell as Yoo Ki Hyuk. Since then, he's been active in the drama scene. He was also part of the dramas SearchMrs. Cop 23 Days, and others. The actor will also be part of upcoming movies Shark: The Beginning and The Policeman's Lineage. The Bride of Black is expected to air in 2022.


Upcoming Netflix series Model Family has announced its final casting lineup. Jung Woo (Mad for Each Other) will play the Dong-ha, an ordinary breadwinner who is on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce when he one day finds an expensive car and becomes entangled with the second-in-command of a drug ring (à la Breaking Bad).

Park Hee-soon (My Name, Beautiful World) plays Gwang-Cheol, the ruthless second-in-command who coerces Dong-ha to become further involved with his drug operations. In contrast to Dong-ha’s character as the household head who lives for his family, Park Hee-soon’s character seems cold-blooded and only interested in protecting his money.

Yoon Jin-Seo (Jackpot) plays Jung Woo’s wife, Eun-Joo, who has a hidden secret. Park Ji-Yeon (Hospital Playlist 2) plays Joo-Hyun, a police investigator in the vice and drugs department, who is tasked with pursuing leads on Dong-ha and Gwang-Cheol.

Suits director Kim Jin-woo is attached to this project, and Production H (School 2017) will be producing. Model Family will air on Netflix in 2022.


Joo Ji Hoon will reportedly work together with director Kang Yoon Sung for the new special episode of the Kingdom series.

According to several reports, director Kang Yoon Sung will be directing a second new special episode of Kingdom titled KINGDOM: The Crown Prince, and actor Joo Ji Hoon will be the main lead. The second special episode is currently in the pre-production phase, with filming to begin the year's second half. 

Director Kang Yoon Sung is the same director of The Outlaws' 2017 blockbuster movie, which garnered over 6.88 million viewers. He also helmed the movie Long Live The King: Mokpo Hero. The director will also work for the upcoming drama "Casino starring veteran actor Choi Min Shik

"KINGDOM: The Crown Prince will be the second special episode from Netflix's original series "Kingdom." This series was loved not only by locals but also by foreign audiences. The two-season series was simultaneously released in 190 countries around the world. The first special episode of the Kingdom: Ashin of the North led by Jun Ji Hyun was released on July 23rd, 2021.

KINGDOM: The Crown Prince will showcase Crown Prince Lee Chang's journey, who was born as a son of a concubine who was named Crown Prince as the sole heir to the then King. He is accused of treason and flees the Kingdom to fight against zombies that had started to invade the Kingdom.

 The premiere date of KINGDOM: The Crown Prince has not yet been decided. 

Joo Ji Hoon has led the first two seasons of Kingdom together with Bae Doo NaRyu Seung RyongKim Sung GyuJun Suk Ho, and more. He will also star in a new drama this year. Joo Ji Hoon will be working with Jun Ji Hyun in the upcoming tvN drama "Cliffhanger, which will air later this year. 

Depicts the scandals of Korea’s nobles of the robe (whose rank came from holding judicial or administrative posts) who dream of hereditary succession.


Han Hye Ryul, played by Kim Sun Ah, is the chief of the special division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. She comes from a family of judicial officers with three generations of wealth and power. She is ambitious, always craving more, never satisfied with her current position and aims to become a prosecutor general or someone higher up the ladder.

Other cars members include Ahn Jae Wook as Na Geun Woo; Geum Sae Rok as Hong Nan Hee; Lee Mi Sook; Lee Ka Eun in a support role as Jang Ji Yi and Im Se Mi as Yoon Eun Mi, among others.


Choi Ji Woo is officially returning to the small screen!

On September 10, various industry representatives reported that the actress had been confirmed to star in Jung Bum Shik’s thriller drama Goosebumps (literal translation). In response to the reports, Kakao Entertainment revealed, Actress Choi Ji Woo will appear in the Kakao TV original drama ‘Goosebumps.

The last time Choi Ji Woo appeared in a drama was four years ago, so many fans are eager to see what role she will return with next.

Choi Ji Woo will play Hyun Jung, a beautiful woman with secrets. She will depict a story where “even a peaceful daily life can be a horror,” and it will convey tense and creepy entertainment that makes one’s hands sweat.

Goosebumps is the first new media content introduced by director Jung Bum Shik who opened a new chapter in K-Horror through Gidam and Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.  The drama is currently being filmed and will be unveiled for the first time on Kakao TV in the second half of this y It is expected that Director Jung Bum will create a new intense work through his unique creativity and planning, and sensuous directing.ear.


Kim Nam-Gil (Fiery Priest) is returning to the small screen in fantasy drama Island. Based on a manhwa by the same name (authors: Yoon In-wan and Yang Kyung-il), Island is about the mysterious, dark events on the beautiful, “peaceful” island of Jeju. Kim Nam-Gil plays Ban, a being who is half human and half spirit. At times warm, sometimes ruthless, he’s been cursed with immortality, and he protects the world from ghosts. The key to ending his cursed fate turns out to be a woman.

The Female Lead'scharacter is the only child of a chaebol family and lives the heiress life in Jeju. Unbeknownst to her, evil spirits have descended on Jeju in the hopes of destroying the human world, and she becomes their prey.

Finally, there’s Cha Eun-woo (True Beauty). He plays a young, cool exorcist priest (he’s not like the other exorcist priests) from Trinity Catholic Church in New York City. He’s the 132nd disciple from the Vatican’s Miracle Investigations Department. Although he grew up in the U.S., he kept his Korean language skills alive by watching dramas. Despite his bright demeanor, he’s haunted by guilt over not having been able to save a child in the past.

Directed by Bae Jong, Island will likely air in the latter half of this year. Due to the source manhwa's popularity, it’s already being considered for a second season, with each season consisting of ten episodes.


Kang Haneul comes back to dramaland in JTBC’s Insider

Recent reports have announced that Kang Haneul (River Where the Moon Rises) will be returning to the small screen through JTBC’s latest project, Insider. It’s a suspense-action thriller drama that’s supposed to depict how at rock-bottom, human connections can become a source of hope, strength, and miracles.

Kang Haneul has been offered the lead role, as Kim Yo-han, a law student who goes incognito for a sting operation when something goes awry. His entire life begins to fall apart due to a single moment. While in prison, he begins to search for a chance to reclaim his life at the prison’s gambling den. He turns into an opportunity for every danger he faces and survives the long odds to pursue his revenge.

Directed by Min Yeon-hong (Missing: The Other Side), written by Moon Man-se (Priest), and produced by Ace Factory (Forest of Secrets), Insider will air on JTBC in the latter half of 2021.


Witches' Love

Park Kyu-young (Sweet Home, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) and Lee Jae-Wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol) have been confirmed to star together in the upcoming drama Dal-li and Gamjatang. It’s a classic romance story between two people of different backgrounds.

Lee Jae-Wook is set to play the second oldest son of a nouveau riche family. His parents began a no-name, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that grew into a global franchise with over 400 locations around the world. He works as the director of operations, but he’s completely unlearned and uncultured. Desperate to penetrate the inner circle of high society and throw off the tag of “new money,” he decides to take over an art gallery.

In the process, he meets Park Kyu-young’s character who is the original owner of the gallery. She’s his complete opposite: from a traditionally rich family whose wealth collapsed overnight. Formerly a visiting researcher at Kröller-Müller Museum (Netherland’s most prestigious art institution) Park Kyu-young is the curator-owner of the Cheongsong Art Gallery until her family is ruined. She’s the definition of a well-bred lady. She speaks seven languages and is well-versed in art, history, philosophy, and religion.


How Park Kyu-young and Lee Jae-Wook grew up, their current financial status, their educational backgrounds, their personal tastes, and their values are all different. But somehow, these two find their way into love as they fight over the near-bankrupt art gallery.

KBS’s Dal-li and Gamjatang will be co-written by Sohn Eun-Hye (MBN’s Witch’s Love) and Park Se-eun and directed by Lee Jung-Seob (Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Healer). As of yet, no air date has been announced.

Park Seo Joon in talks to lead thriller drama "Hard Creature"

Media outlets revealed on May 14th that Park Seo Joon received casting offers to lead the upcoming drama series titled "Hard Creature" to be helmed by "Hot Stove League" and "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" PD Jung Dong Yoon, and penned by "Dr. Romantic" screenwriter, Kang Eun Kyung

Upcoming thriller drama "Hard Creature" deals with the wounds and anxiety of humans.  It will also showcase how young people desperately want to survive in the harsh world.

Park Seo Joon was reportedly given a summary of the said series; he was offered to play the main role of a wealthy man from Bukchon named Jang Tae Sang, who will face a woman that would threaten him completely changing his life.

If Park Seo Joon accepts the offer, this will be his first drama project for 2021. He last starred in the hit 2020  JTBC drama "Itaewon Class" with Kim Da Mi, Hello Venus' Kwon Na RaYoo Jae MyungAhn Bo HyunKim Dong Hee, and more. He was also the main lead of the popular series "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?" with Park Min Young, "Fight For My Way" with Kim Ji Won, "Hwarang" with Go Ah Ra, "She Was Pretty" with Hwang Jung Eum, and more. 

He will also star in the upcoming star-studded films such as "Dream" with IUKim Jong SooKo Chang SeokJung Seung Kil, and Lee Hyun Woo, and "Concrete Utopia" with Lee Byung HunPark Bo YoungPark Ji HooKim Do YoonPark Jong-Hwan, and more.




Joo Won Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Action Blockbuster


It’s official: Joo Won will be starring in the upcoming Netflix original film “Carter”!

On March 19, Netflix announced that Joo Won had been confirmed for the leading role in “Carter,” an action-espionage blockbuster that will depict a thrilling chase.

Joo Won will be playing the titular role of Carter, a highly-skilled secret agent who wakes up to find that he has lost all of his memories. Without even knowing why he ends up becoming involved in the operation of a lifetime.

After impressing viewers with his transformation into an action hero in his latest drama “Alice,” Joo Won will be proving his action chops once more in this new movie, which will be helmed by “The Villainess” and “Confession of Murder” director Jung Byung Gil.


Park Eun Bin and SF9’s Rowoon will be starring in a new drama together!

On March 19, it was confirmed that the two actors had been cast in the upcoming KBS drama “Yeonmo” (a historical term for “love”). Based on a manhwa (Korean comic), “Yeonmo” is a historical drama about twins born in the palace. Although one of them is abandoned for being female, she later pretends to be a man and becomes the crown prince when her brother dies.

Park Eun Bin has been cast in the role of the crown prince named Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi is the perfect crown prince, skilled at the literary and martial arts and gifted with elegant beauty. But because of her secret, Lee Hwi never reveals her feelings to the world and keeps a distance between anyone who tries to get close, including the palace ladies.

Rowoon has been cast in the role of Jung Ji Woon, Lee Hwi’s teacher. He is a teacher from the Crown Prince sikangwon, a government office for the sole purpose of educating crown princes. He is described as a handsome man who is bold, persevering, and tenacious and tends to take life as it comes and lives free from worldly concerns as an optimist who enjoys life. As the son of a government official in the Saheonbu (an investigative government office), his future seemed clearly set out for him. However, there was a reason that he chose to go his own path and leave the easy road behind.


The first script reading for Suriname took place on March 22. Based on a true story about a Korean migrant that became the top drug kingpin in South American country Suriname, this project is a six-episode drama series planned to air on Netflix. Actors Jo Woo-jin (Mr. Sunshine), Yoo Yeon-Seok (Hospital Playlist), Park Hae-soo (Smart Prison Living), and Chu Ja-Hyun (My Unfamiliar Family) have recently confirmed that they will join Ha Jung-woo (Along with the Gods) and Hwang Jung-min (Hush) in this new drama.

Hwang Jung-min is set to play the main character who becomes an incredibly powerful drug cartel boss, and Ha Jung-woo is set to play his opposite, a national intelligence agent who’s intent on catching him. Not too much else has been revealed about the plot. Still, given its 35 billion won budget (approximately 31 million USD), it’s a huge project closely watched by those in the industry.

It’s being directed by Yoon Jong-bin (Gongjak, Beastie Boys), who has been a favorite director of Ha Jung-woo’s and Hwang Jung-min’s. Suriname will be Ha Jung-woo’s fifth project and Hwang Jung-min’s second with Director Yoon.

Originally, the project was supposed to be filmed in the Dominican Republic. Due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, 80% of the filming will proceed domestically in Korea and the remaining 20% in several Southeast Asian countries. They’ve already spent a good portion of the budget building the set in Korea, so it’ll be interesting to see how much of Suriname’s natural environment they can simulate.

Suriname will begin production in April, but a release date has yet to be announced.

Upcoming Netflix thriller Somebody announces finalized cast.

Actor Kim Young-Kwang (Hello? It’s Me!) is cast as the lead in director Jung Ji-Woo’s (Tune in for Love) first drama, Somebody. This upcoming thriller tackles the contemporary topic of social connection apps, with Somebody being the name of the social app. The story follows the developer and her friends as they become involved with a murder case and the mysterious Yoon-Oh who suddenly appears in their lives.

Kim Young-Kwang will play Yoon-Oh, an architectural designer whose charisma enchants people at first glance but keeps his real personality hidden.

Kang Hae-Rim (Live On) plays Seom, the app developer. She has difficulty communicating with others, but her extraordinary tech capabilities allow her to create an innovative AI chatting program.

Rookie actress Kim Soo-Yeon plays Seom’s decade-long best friend and police officer, Ki Eun. (She won her role through an audition, surpassing 500+ other applicants!)

Kim Yong-Ji (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) plays one of Ki Eun’s friends, Mok-Won, who helps with the murder investigations. According to her character description, Mok-won has “strange” energy, so seeing what she adds to the team will be interesting.

Written by thriller screenwriter Han Ji-wan (Ghost Detective, Wanted) and directed by Jung Ji-woo, Somebody will likely air on Netflix next year.

The second season of The Good Detective confirmed!

The Good Detective, starring Son Hyun Joo and Jang Seung Jo, is confirmed to have a second season. On April 16, reports stated that the 2020 drama The Good Detective will have another season. JTBC, which is in charge of the drama, responded to the reports and confirmed that the drama would have a second season with the same cast. They also stated that the broadcast date is not yet confirmed.

The main cast of the JTBC drama includes Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, Lee ElijahOh Jung SeJi Seung HyunSon Jong Hak, and more. The first season aired from July 2020 to August 2020, and it garnered excellent ratings. The drama got 7.609 percent in one episode, which is the highest record throughout the drama. It is also ranked first in ratings among other dramas that aired at the same time slot.

The first season of The Good Detective showcased the life of detectives who works hard in uncovering the ugly truth and don't give up on catching the criminals. The hit drama was directed by Jo Nam Gook, who also worked on Untouchable, Fantastic, and Queen of Ambition. The script was written by Choi Jin Won (Untouchable and The Man in the Mask.)

Son Hyun Joo played the character of Gang Do Chang, a detective with 18 years of experience loyal to the investigative team.  On the other hand, Jang Seung Jo played the character of Oh Ji Hyuk, a detective with nine years of experience. He was someone who was not swayed by money or power.


The second season of The Good Detective will start filming this coming October.


Missing: The Other Side” Confirms Season 2 Is In The Works


The second season of OCN’s Missing: The Other Side is officially in the works! On April 15, the producers of the hit 2020 drama confirmed, “It’s true that we are in the midst of preparations for Season 2 of Missing: The Other Side. However, the direction of the story and the casting has not yet been decided. The production is also not yet set in stone.

Although the producers warned that they are merely in the planning stages for a potential second season, the chief producer of Missing: The Other Side previously revealed last year that they were already in talks to return for another season when Season 1 wrapped up in October 2020.

Missing: The Other Side is a mystery-fantasy drama about a village inhabited by the souls of people who went missing while they were alive. The first season starred Go Soo as Kim Wook, a talented con artist who could talk his way out of anything, and Ahn So Hee as Lee Jong Ah, a brilliant civil servant leading a double life as a hacker.


Ma Dong Seok To Produce And Star In Upcoming American Remake of Korean Drama “Trap” titled "The Club."

Ma Dong Seok will be producing and starring in an American TV show. According to Variety, the U.S.-based production company Starlings Television will be working with Ma Dong Seok’s production company Gorilla 8 Productions and its production partner B&C Content to co-produce “The Club,” the American remake; of the Korean drama “Trap.” Starlings Television has produced shows like “Departure” and “Pandora.” Writer and producer Jack LoGiudice (“The Walking Dead,” “Narcos,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “House of Cards”) has joined the new project as well, saying that he is a fan of Ma Dong Seok’s work.

“The Club” is about a veteran police detective (played by Ma Dong Seok) investigating a mysterious group of hunters who attack a news anchor’s family during a camping trip. The character lost his own son in a hit-and-run incident and ended up caught in a mystery involving the elite and powerful with disturbing desires.

“Trap” was a seven-episode drama that aired in 2019 on OCN, starring Lee Seo Jin as the famous news anchor whose family runs into tragedy while on a trip together. Sung Dong-Il starred as the detective in charge of the case.

Yoo Ji Tae, Park Hae Soo, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Yoon Jin, And More Confirmed For Korean Remake Of Money Heist

Netflix has confirmed the cast for the upcoming Korean remake of Money Heist! Late last year, the drama was confirmed to be getting a Korean remake. The Spanish crime drama is also known as “The House of Paper” (“La Casa de Papel”) and tells the story of a group of people who undertake a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, led by a criminal mastermind called the Professor. Netflix acquired the global streaming rights in 2017 and has aired four seasons of the show thus far.

The Korean remake will take place on the Korean Peninsula. The Professor will be played by Yoo Ji Tae, whose powerful team consists of members all named after cities worldwide. Berlin will be played by Park Hae Soo, Tokyo by Jeon Jong Seo, and Moscow by Lee Won Jong.

In the task force team, Kim Yoon Jin will star Seon Woo Jin, the police force’s crisis negotiations division leader. She’s joined by Kim Sung Oh, who plays captain Cha Moo Hyuk, a former special agent.

The hostages, who present challenges to the Professor’s seemingly perfect plan, include Park Myung Hoon, who plays the Royal Mint Jo Young Min director, and Lee Joo Bin as the lovely accountant Yoon Mi Sun, who is having an affair with Jo Young Min.


Actress Kim Hye Soo might be taking on her first historical drama in 20 years. On July 12, entertainment industry sources began reporting that Kim Hye Soo had decided to appear in the tvN drama Shuroop, a historical drama that depicts internal conflicts within the palace in the undertaking of troublemaker princes, who cause nothing but headaches to the royal family and turning them into proper crown princes. Several modern dramas have tackled such a theme, but this drama is described as an “educational drama” set in the Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Hye Soo was reportedly cast as Im Hwa Ryung, the mother of the troublemaker princes and the wife of a great king. Instead of having an aura of elegance and grace, Im Hwa Ryung is a prickly, sensitive, and hot-tempered queen. Although she used to have a calm temper, she changed after people kept pushing her buttons. She is a queen who sometimes lets go of her pride and even swears. Every day of her life is full of trials, but she withstands it all for the sake of her children.

A source from tvN stated, “We made the casting offer to Kim Hye Soo, and she is currently reviewing it.”

This would be Kim Hye Soo’s first drama since 2020’s “Hyena” and her first historical drama since “Jang Hee Bin” in 2002. She has also been cast in the upcoming Netflix series Juvenile Judge. Shuroop will be directed by Kim Hyung Sik (Secret Door, Twenty Again) and written by Park Ba Ra.


On September 2nd, TVING officially announced Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min's casting for the new drama Beyond The Memory. Lee Joon Ik will be directed (The Book of Fish, Dong Ju: The Portrait of a Poet, and  The King and the Clown). Beyond The Memory will showcase the journey of a man who received a message from his dead wife to go to an unknown space to meet her. The drama is set in 2032 in the large city area of South Korea.

The said series will collaborate between two 57th Baeksang Arts awardees Shin Ha Kyun won the Best Actor Award while director Lee Joon Ik received the Grand Prize in the film category. 

Shin Ha Kyun will bring life to the role of Jae Hyun, a reporter for Science M. He lives in misery because he can't forget about his wife. He suddenly receives a message from his dead wife to meet her.


Han Ji Min will play the role of Yi Hu, the wife of Jae Hyun, who died of cancer. 


Beyond The Memory will exclusively be available on the OTT platform, TVING. Filming of the drama will begin later part of 2021 and will air early next year.


A new satire drama called Remarriage & Desires (Korean title Bride of Black) has been announced by Netflix. Casting is confirmed for Kim Hee-sun (Alice), Lee Hyun-Wook (Mine), Jung Yoo-jin (Catch the Ghost), Park Hoon (Nobody Knows), and Cha Ji-Yeon (Taxi Driver).

Bride of Blach tells the story of a group of people whose life ambition is to enter and remain in society’s upper class. And to secure their social status, they register with an exclusive marriage agency and scheme to marry (or re-marry) someone in the agency’s top-ranking VIP black tier. The drama explores how marriage has devolved into a battle of assets among the wealthy – disguised under the mask of love.

Kim Hee-sun takes on the role of Seo Hye-Seung. She was once a middle-class housewife, living a happy and comfortable life in a well-to-do neighborhood. But, she loses everything in a blink of an eye, and she meets the person who caused her life to crumble. She vows to get even and rise above them in society.

Lee Hyun-Wook plays the part of self-made CEO Lee Hyung-Joo, one of the top eligible bachelors in the marriage agency’s black tier. His first marriage failed, and he has since been determined that his second marriage will be a mutually beneficial business transaction.

In support roles, Jung Yoo-jin plays corporate lawyer Jin Yoo-hee who’ll stop at nothing if it means becoming a member of high society. On the other hand, Park Hoon is a well-known professor who is embroiled in an inheritance war with his family. And, last but not least, Cha Ji-Yeon plays Choi Yoo-sun, CEO of the drama’s marriage agency.

Writing for the drama is Lee Geun-young (I Am the Mother Too), and directing will be helmed by PD Kim Jung-min (Weekday Afternoon Lovers, Bad Guys). A release date has not yet been announced.