An upcoming South Korean television Devilish Judge starring Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Jin-young, and Park Gyu-young, will air on tvN starting July 3, 2021, for 16 episodes. A webtoon adaptation is also in the works. A former judge writes the series, and it aims to deliver a message about justice through a “live courtroom show” that the whole nation participates in. Is Kang Yo Han, the titular “devil judge” who emerges amidst chaos and confusion, a hero of the people, or a demon who wears the mask of the law?

Ji Sung plays Kang Yo-han is a head trial judge who wears legal robes to hunt down villains. He is the “devil judge” who wears the mask of the law and punishes the greedy and power-hungry through the courtroom show. He creates an aura of mystery around himself with his handsome face and elegant tastes, but no one can know what he is truly thinking inside.

Kim Min-jung, as Jung Sun-ah, is Kang Yo-han's greatest rival and the executive director of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) foundation. With her beauty and her brains, she is closely involved with many important people, including Kang Yo Han, and has the power to shake up the nation.


Park Jin-young, as Kim Ga-on, is an associate trial judge who shines as the one ray of hope in a dystopian world. He lost his parents when he was a child and spent a rough childhood, but he worked himself to the bone to get his first appointment as a judge. He has patience and endurance, but he is thrown into chaos while observing the actions of Kang Yo Han.


Park Gyu-young as Yoon Soo-Hyun is a police detective in a regional investigation unit on the hunt for Kang Yo Han’s secrets. She and Kim Ga On have been friends since childhood and grew up like siblings. Even though she is quite popular due to her easygoing personality and good looks, only Kim Ga On is oblivious to her charms.

Supporting Cast

Jang Young-Nam, as Cha Kyung-hee, is the Minister of Justice, an ambitious elite prosecutor to become the President of South Korea. Director: Choi Jung Gyu; Screenwriter: Moon Yoo Seok


Monthly Magazine Home is a home-searching rom-com drama about a man who buys houses and a woman who lives in them follows the diverse stories of the editors of a home magazine.

Yoo Ja Sung is the CEO of a real estate investment company and magazine company Monthly House who went from rags to riches. By studying during the day, working as a restaurant part-timer and a designated driver at night, and working at construction sites during the weekends, Yoo Ja Sung eventually became a wealthy investment expert owning property worth tens of billions of won (tens of millions of dollars) in real estate. However, when he runs into Na Young Won, the two, things change for him as they begin an unexpected romance.

Na Young Won is a magazine editor with 10 years of experience who has been living alone for 10 years at a rented home. She believes her home to be the place where she can truly be herself. However, when she meets her new homeowner and Monthly House magazine CEO, Na Young Won, she searches for a house of her own and develops an interest in real estate.

On the other hand, we have camping fanatic, professional photographer Shin Kyum who lives by the principles that one only lives once and avidly believes in work-life balance. Despite coming from a wealthy family, he chooses to become a photographer and happens to be  Na Young Won’s neighbor. He's also her convenience store partner, allowing their fates to be constantly intertwined.


A South Korean television series written by Lee Woo-Jung and directed by Shin Won-ho. Hospital Playlist is in its second installment of the Wise Life series, following Prison Playbook (2017–18). It stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do.

Hospital Playlist's first season aired from  March 12 to May 28, 2020, on Netflix. At its conclusion, the series became the tenth highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. It was the most viewed series in South Korea on Netflix in 2020. The second season is set to air on June 17, 2021.

Hospital Playlist portrays doctors and nurses working at and patients admitted to Yulje Medical Center. The television series revolves around five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999. It's a drama that tells the story of ordinary but special people living in hospitals and the friendship of friends for 20 years.


The second season of Hospital Playlist will pick up where the first season stopped in depicting the everyday life of five doctors and the people who care about them as they carefully navigate their personal and professional lives alongside their patients' inside a hospital, where births, deaths, and everything in between coexists.

A South Korean television series that first premiered on OCN in January 2017. It followed the lives of a 112 emergency call center program and its employees as they fought against crimes relying mainly on their team leader Kang Kwon Joo's (Lee Ha Na) unique ability to hear sounds the normal ear cannot depict or hear. The drama garnered great reason with its first season that concluded on March 12th. The second season aired in August 2018 following the same premise but with different villains; again, due to its high success, the series was commissioned for a third season, which aired in May 2019.

Ratings for the first season set new records for OCN dramas when they aired in South Korea, proving to be a hit among viewers. It is one of the highest-rated dramas in Korean cable television history and ranked first among cable TV dramas for many consecutive weeks. Upon its premiere, the second season also set the record for the highest premiere rating of an OCN television series. And despite its shorter run, the second season surpassed the first season's ratings and eventually became the highest-rated OCN television series.


Currently, in its fourth installment, Voice 4: Judgment Hour, has Kang Kwon Joo reprise her role as the Director of the emergency center in a new chapter of the center as they hunt a serial killer with an enhanced hearing ability appears. The serial killer murders people using his enhanced ability. Because of this, Kang Kwon Joo, who also has an enhanced hearing ability, is driven into a corner.


To capture this formidable villain, Kang Kwon-Joo cooperates with Detective Derek Jo to catch the serial killer. All this while battles her own demons with  PTSD, yet she still carries out her duties as the emergency 112 call center leader.


In Song Seung Heon, Derek Jo is a person of principle who doesn’t allow mistakes. He is a team leader from the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). His LAPD team dealt with criminal gangs.

A South Korean television series starring Han So-hee and Song Kang. Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which was first published on Naver Webtoon, it tells the story of two people who are very attracted to each other but are cynical about love owing to their traumatic past relationships. The drama depicts a hyper-realistic romance between a man who is annoyed with relationships but likes to flirt and a woman who wants to date but does not believe in love.

Park Jae Eon (Sang Kang) a student at Hongseo University's Sculpture Department who thinks relationships are a bother but likes to flirt. He is kind and friendly to everyone but is actually uninterested in other people. He is an expert in playing hard-to-get and firmly draws the lines when it comes to relationships. He does not show his true feelings. Yet when Park Jae Eon meets Yoo Na Bi, he wants to cross those lines.


Yoo Na Bi (Han So-Hee), a Hongseo University's Sculpture Department student, has given up on love but still wants to go out on dates. Due to a cruel experience with her first love, she no longer believes in destiny and has vowed never to fall in love again. But when she meets Park Jae Eon, he has a magical effect on her that challenges Na Bi’s decision to stay aloof. 

Other cast members include Chae Jong-hyeop as Yang Do-Hyeok Na-bi's childhood friend, whose first love is her. He runs a popular cooking show on YouTubeLee Yeol Eum stars as Yoon Seol-ah, Jae Eon's middle school classmate and ex-girlfriend. Yang Hye-Ji as Oh Bit-Na, Na-Bi's best friend. Additional supporting cast also includes Kim Min-Gwi as Nam Gyu-Hyun, Bit-Na's best friend, Lee Ho-Jung as Yoon Sol, Na-bi's best friend, Yoon Seo-ah as Seo Ji-wan, Bit-Na's best friend, and Jung Jae-Kwang as Ahn Kyung-joon, Jae Eon and Na-Bi's seniors in art School.


A South Korean television series directed by Jung Ji-Hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jinKim Dong-WookYoon Park, and Nam Gyu-Ri. The series follows the three main characters who live with their respective 'seven years of age in their hearts.

Kang Da-Jeong (Seo Hyun-jin), a hotel concierge manager who treats a motel she stayed once, in Gangneung, her mental retreat. She moves to an old building for a fresh start.  She quickly rises to a managerial position. Her biggest problem is that she takes after her mother’s poor choice of men and dates men who are terrible like her father.

Joo Young-do (Kim Dong-Wook), a psychiatrist who helps people live.  He helps others heal their emotional wounds and find the will to live. However, he himself bears his own scars from not saving his older brother and one of his patients.

Chae Joon (Yoon Park) is a CEO of an investment company that appears before Da-Jeong as if he had read her like an open book.  Ahn Ga-Yeong (Nam Gyu-Ri) is an actress who is wary of love as her boyfriend used her.

The series has three main characters, who live with their respective seven years of age are caught up in the 'keyword salvation.' They move to a building where somebody has been murdered.

A South Korean television series directed by Kim No-won and starring Ji Jin-heeYoon Se-ahKim Hye-eun and Kim Sung-soo. Based on The Tragedy of One by Rintaro Norizuki, the series tells the story of the ugly desires, secrets, guilt and salvation of 'Royal the Hill', where only the top 1% of Korea live.

"Royal the Hill" is a posh place where top one percent of Koreans live. The series tells the secrets, desires, guilts and salvation of the residents of this place.

Baek Soo-hyeon (Ji Jin-hee) the protagonist is a trusted anchor with strong beliefs. His words are taken as the truth, but he is a cold-hearted man. He does not hesitate to use any means to get what he desires. He is married to Seo Eun-soo (Yoon Se-ah), who is a daughter of chairman of the Jegang Group, a heavy weight having influence in the political and economic worlds.


Seo Eun Soo is the daughter of the chairman of the Jegang Group and married to Anchorman Baek Soo Hyun. Her father is powerful enough that he wields heavy influence in the political and economic worlds. Seo Eun Soo is herself a popular miniature artist. She places priority on her family and she tries to never loses her dignity, but she encounters tragedy. Seo Eun-Soo attempts to protect her family.


Cha Seo Young is an announcer for a broadcast station. She has everything, including a prestigious job, exemplary educational background, and a beautiful appearance, but she is rarely satisfied with what she has. 


Jeon Do-Yeon (The Good Wife) and Ryu Joon-Yeol (Lucky Romance, Little Forest) star in JTBC’s upcoming healing drama Human Disqualification (No Longer Human).  Directed by Heo Jin-ho (Princess Deokhye) and Park Hong-soo and written by Kim Ji-Hye, Human Disqualification is about real people and their lost dreams. Jeon Do-Yeon is a ghostwriter who dreamt of writing something original in her own name. Although she tried her best, she wakes up one day feeling that she’s a failure and begins to question the meaning of her own existence, which leads her on a downhill path in life’s vicissitudes. 

Ryu Joon-Yeol, on the other hand, manages a service company that caters to the wealthy, providing any errand role or service in their stead no matter how dangerous. He grew up poor and always wanted to become rich but realizes he hasn’t become anything and loses his purpose.  His character is an amalgamation of contradictions. He seems like an adult but sometimes shows the frail sentiments of youth, aloof and sarcastic, and desperate need to be wanted by others. At this juncture of his life, he meets Jeon Do-Yeon, and together, they undergo some interesting transformations as they share their emotional scars.

Sohn Na-Eun (Will You Have Dinner With Me) and Yoo Soo-bin (Crash Landing on You) is also part of the Human Disqualification cast, including Park Byung-Eun (Oh My Baby), Jo Eun-Ji (Entertainer), Kim Hyo-jin (Private Lives), and Park Ji-young (When I Was the Most Beautiful).

This series tells the stories of desperate people who come by to eat a magical dish with the hopes of having their personal wishes granted, even at the expense of their own souls.

Set in a mysterious restaurant where customers can buy wishes off the menu, Song Ji-Hyo takes on the central role of a witch named Hee-ra. Although human, Nam Ji-Hyun's character Jin somehow becomes Song’s business partner. And they hire Chae Jong-hyeop, who plays part-timer Gil-Yong, to also work at their restaurant.


Jo Hee Ra has already lost count of the years that she has spent alive. She has a feeling, though, that she has already become older than any known human in history. She chose to turn into a sorceress after suffering a tragic fate in her twenties and is now co-running a mysterious restaurant with a woman named Jin.

Written by Lee Young-sook and directed by PD’s So Jae-Hyun (Awaken) and Lee Soo-Hyun, TVING’s new fantasy drama The Witch’s Diner premieres July 16.

Written by Park Seok Ho, Black Sun won the 2018 MBC Drama Script contest. The drama is helmed by Kim Sung Yong (My Healing Love, Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset); it is a Korean-style spy investigation series that follows a top NIS field agent Han Ji Hyuk (Namgoong Min), who returns after he went missing. And in his endeavor to get revenge and uncover the internal traitor that caused his downfall, he confronts a much bigger enemy behind the organization.


Han Ji Hyuk is the top field agent in the NIS. He is held in awe by his colleagues for his perfect record and skill at completing missions. He had been driving an organized crime syndicate into a corner when he vanished off the face of the earth, but he returns a year later to shake up the syndicate once more.


On the other hand, Seo Soo Yeon (Park Ha Sun) is the head of team 4 of the Crime Information Center; she excels at her job and has a high record of solving cases. Moreover, she cares about her teammates and has great affection for people in general.

The cast also includes Kim Jin Eun as Yoo Je-Yi; Kim Byeong-Ki as Bang Young-Chan; Lee Kyoung-Young as Lee In-Hwan; Jang Young-Nam as Do Jin-Sook; Yu Oh-Seong as Baekmosa; Kim Jong-Tae as NIS agent; Kim Min-Sang as NIS agent, Kim Do-Hyun as NIS agent; and Kwon So-Hyun as Koo Hyo-Eun.

Black Sun airs September 1, 2021 on MBC

Bossam – Stealing Fate” will tell the story of a person who accidentally kidnaps a princess. Ba-Woo (Jung Il-Woo) is a degenerate man. He gambles, steals, fights, and provides bossam kidnapping service for money (bossam is a customary remarriage procedure that took place during the Joseon period) when a widow could not remarry. A single man or widower would kidnap the widow and marry her. Some of the kidnappings were agreed upon in advance, and others were by force).  At a young age, Ba-Woo was framed for conspiracy; though he escapes with his life, he has had to hide his identity and live a life of poverty, forcing him to take up bossams as a means of making a living.


One day, while performing a bossam, he mistakenly kidnaps Princess Soo-Kyung (Kwon Yuri), the daughter of Prince Gwanghae and the daughter-in-law of his enemy Lee Yi-Cheom. The princess was married to Lee Yi-Cheom's family through a secret political agreement, which had her marrying the older brother of the man she loved, but, on the day of her wedding, her husband dies, leaving her a widow.


The drama is set during the reign of King Gwang Hae and revolves around Ba Woo and Princess Soo Kyung. A story of life and love touches upon the oppression and suffering experienced by women and the impoverished. Directed by Kwon Seok Jang and scripted by Kim Ji Soo &Park Chul

Mine is a 2021 South Korean television series directed by Lee Na-Jung and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-Hyung, Lee Hyun-Wook, and Ok Ja Yeon. It revolves around strong women who free themselves from society's prejudice and find their real 'mine.' It also peeps into the mysterious lives of wealthy people. 


The series premiered on tvN on May 8, 2021, and airs every Saturday and Sunday. Internationally, it is available on Netflix.

The series glimpses into the high society's lifestyle and follows strong and ambitious women trying to find who they really are and what they are willing to give in trying to become their true selves. 

Mad For Each Other is a 2021 South Korean television series directed by Lee Tae Gon and screenwritten by Ah Kyung. It stars Oh Yeon Seo, Jung Woo, Lee Soo Hyun, among others


No Hwi Oh (Jung Woo) is a detective in the violent crimes division of the Gangnam Police Station. He thinks that he is doing well until his life suddenly takes a turn, and he becomes a “crazy” person who can’t hold in his anger about anything.

Lee Min Kyung (Oh Yeon Seo) is a woman who is caught up in her own delusions and compulsions. She had lived an ordinary life as a pretty woman with a respectable job until “that incident” caused everything in her life to break down. As a result, she could not trust anyone and is caught in a prison of her own making. Her delusions also have the unfortunate side effect of making everyone else around her angry.


The story revolves around two people with painful pasts who go through a complicated process of hurting and healing while falling in love with each other.

Law School is a South Korean television series starring Kim Myung-minKim BumRyu Hye-young, and Lee Jung-Eun; directed by Kim Seok Yoon and scripted by Seo In. It tells how the students and Faculty of South Korea’s top law school become involved in a highly unusual case. 


Yang Jong Hoon is a criminal law professor and a former elite prosecutor whose harsh words make him the professor to avoid. At the same time, something is compelling about his strict teaching methods and his refusal to accept less than the best from his future juniors in the legal profession. 


Han Joon Hwi, a first-year law student, is at the top of his class. He’s a natural leader whose good looks and easy charm make him the perfect man - on paper. However, there’s an unexpected side to him that remains well-hidden. 


Kang Sol is another first-year law student who overcame childhood poverty and hardships by gaining special admission to the Law School. Due to her constant sense of deprivation, she often walks on thorns amidst the wealth and talent that surrounds her. Eventually, her passion does enlighten her on what it truly takes to be a good lawyer. 


Kim Eun Sook is a civil law professor who was once the head of the law school’s free legal clinic. Her natural air of authority and freewheeling personality earned her the reputation for being a master in court; she is Yang Jong Hoon’s only confident.

Sell Your Haunted House is an occult drama about real estate brokers who exorcise and clean buildings that both ghosts and dead people frequent. The drama stars Jang Na Ra as Hong Ji Ah and Jung Yong Hwa as Oh In Bum. The drama is directed by Park Jin Suk and scripted by Ha Soo Jin.

Although Daebak Real Estate’s boss and exorcist Hong Ji Ah seems perfect with her beauty and intelligence, she’s actually a hot-tempered exorcist whose fists come before her words. Her ability to exorcise has been passed down to her from her mother.


On the other hand, Oh In Bum is a con artist who doesn’t believe in ghosts but uses them as a means to make a living. He has the perfect set of skills for a con artist, being able to use his great observation and reasoning skills to determine the causes and effects and future predictions for any situation.


The story follows Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Bum's escapades as they put aside their disagreement and work together to solve the secret behind her mother’s death 20 years ago.

Dark Hole, scripted by Jung Yi Do and directed by Kim Bong Joo, is a story about a group of survivors who have to fight for their lives against humans who mutate when they breathe a mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole.


Lee Hwa Sun (Kim Ok Bin) is a police detective in the Seoul regional investigation unit. Her life is turned upside down when she receives a taunting phone call from her husband’s murderer, telling her to come to “Mujishi.” However, the people in Mujishi have been transformed into monsters after breathing in a mysterious dark smoke. Lee Hwa Sun finds she must fight to survive and battle her fears so she can capture her husband’s murderer.


Yoo Tae Han ( Lee Joon Hyuk), a native of Mujishi, is a wreck car driver. He has a carefree personality and likes to joke around, but he has a strong sense of justice. He quit being a police officer due to a scandal caused by a misunderstanding, but he is proud of his days in the force. When he meets Lee Hwa Sun in the chaos of Mujishi, he decides battle the mutants and devotes his life to saving others from danger.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Taxi Driver is about a mysterious taxi service called Rainbow Taxi, where the employees take revenge on behalf of clients who cannot get help from the law. The drama is directed by Park Joon Woo and written by Oh Sang Ho and stars Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon), Kang Ha Na (Esom), Jang Sung Cheol (Kim Eui Sung), Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin), Choi Kyung Goo (Jang Hyuk Jin), and Park Jin Uhn (Bae Yoo Ram). Each character has their individual role within the taxi service’s unique mission.

As a former special forces soldier, Kim Do Gi is the main player of Rainbow Taxi’s revenge missions. He brings psychological skills coupled with intuition and quick judgment to his practical skills in stunt driving and hand-to-hand combat. He is also skilled at disguising and camouflaging himself to confuse his target.

Jang Sung Cheol leads the Rainbow Taxi team and is responsible for undertaking the missions. His strong leadership and warm skills make him the perfect CEO for the Blue Bird Foundation, which helps victims of crime and at the same time helps him build up his public image, forge close relationships with prosecutors to get inside information he can use to exact his clients’ revenge.

Ahn Go Eun is the IT specialist and the hacker of the team. She can freely hack into any digital device, whether it’s CCTV, smartphones, or computers. She is in charge of exposing the criminal's personal information to advance the team's planning processes. She also acts as the “eyes” and “ears” for Kim Do Gi as he carries out his missions.

Choi Kyung Goo and Park Jin Uhn are the engineering duo of Rainbow Taxi. “Chief Choi” is a genius engineer who adds all sorts of technological innovations to Rainbow Taxi’s taxis, while “Chief Park” is in charge of tuning the cars and their engines. The two are attached at the hip and are never seen apart.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Na is a passionate prosecutor who is notoriously known as a“bulldozer” who is willing to resort to any means in the pursuit of justice. She is a spitfire who is always on the go and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty while working a case. And while working on the cases, she begins to grow suspicious of Kim Do Gi and the unusual taxi service. 


In this drama you will meet the two fearless men willing to go to extreme lengths in their pursuit of a serial killer that has shaken up their quiet city.

Lee Dong Sik, a once capable detective, is now demoted to performing menial tasks at the Manyang Police Substation. He was beginning to settle into a peaceful life when his new superior, Detective Han Joo Won, is transferred. Joo Won is an elite detective whose father is the star candidate for the National Police Agency’s next chief. Despite his admirable qualities and high social standing, Joo Won harbors a long-held secret.


When a string of gruesome killings occurs, a pattern takes shape that is oddly reminiscent of some cold serial-murder cases from 20 years prior. Dong Sik and Joo Won team up, vowing to stop this vicious culprit in his tracks. 
As their investigation proceeds, they are forced to look far deeper than what the evidence suggests, questioning the culpability of all those surrounding the case, including their own.

Beyond Evil received seven nominations at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, winning three – Best Drama, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor for Shin Ha-kyun. It was also selected as one of the final dramas for the Baeksang Arts Award Grand Prize – Television.

Mouse, a suspenseful crime drama, raises and explores the complex issue around psychopathic behaviors through the use of fetal genetic testing to predict or detect antisocial behavior and psychopathic traits in the womb. It further explores the suitability of bringing such a child into the world as a horrific serial killer terrorizes the country.  Mouse's Screenwriter is Choi Ra and is directed by Choi Joon Bae and Kang Cheol Woo, and stars Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Joo Hyun Kyung Soo Jin.

Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) is a rookie police officer with impeccable handsomeness and a kind personality. However, that carefree, helpful, and just life is one day turned topsy turvy when he comes face to face with a psychopath killer.

Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) is a hardened detective motivated by the tragedy he suffered as a young child and as an adult chases after the murderer who destroyed his family. 

Oh Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun) is a troubled high school student scared by a decade-old incident. She lives with her grandmother and would rather go to the gym than study. 

Choi, Hong Joo (Kyun Soo-Jin) is known as Sherlock Hong Joo among her peers. She is a tenacious and dedicated journalist who gives her all to her work.


Yoon Song-A, played by Won Jin Ah, is a marketer for a cosmetic brand. She enjoys her job and does it with vigor. Her dream is to start her own cosmetic brand. She's been involved in a secret office romance with her supervisor Lee Jae Shin, played by Lee Hyun Wook for the past two years, and everything seemed to be going well until she discovers one day that he'd been two-timing her with his boss's emotionally unstable sister, whom he is about to marry played by Lee Kyu Hun and Lee Joo Bin respectively. 


Meanwhile, Chae Hyun-Seung, played by Ro Woon, is also a junior marketer who works with Yoon Song-A at the same company.  He first meets Yoon Song A during a job fair while still in college and is instantly attracted to her and decides to pursue a career in cosmetic marketing to get closer to her. He dreams of developing a romantic relationship with her, however, Yoon Song-A rebuffs his advances at first until she gets the opportunity to get closer to him after she discovers about her boyfriend's betryal. 

LUCA” is based on Charles Darwin’s proposition that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. It tells a story about a super-being born into the mysterious world of genetics and thrust alone into an unforgiving society quick to label him "monster."

Zi 0, played by Kim Rae Won, is a reserved man thrust into the world without a single clue of who he is; he has a different “strength” and “secret” compared to the ordinary person. After endlessly being chased by mysterious figures Zi 0 tries to find answers to the numerous questions surrounding his own existence. “A man being chased while hiding his abilities that will change the world.” With wounds on his face and eyes full of loneliness and anger, Zi 0 will try to face off against the hordes of people pursuing him for his unique abilities."

Gu Reum, played by Lee Da Hee, is a detective whose parents disappeared when she was a young child.  She is the kind of person that acts before she thinks and bulldozes on ahead once she makes up her mind. While chasing after the truth of her parent's disappearance, She meets Zi 0, and her life changes forever. “She is the only woman whose memories remain intact in Zi 0’s memory.”

Lee Son, played by Kim Sung Oh, is a former spy with special forces; his piercing gaze is proof of his innate skill and hints at the nerve-racking chase that is certain to take place. He is charged with hunting Zi 0 down and takes his job seriously. 

Hello, Me! is a South Korean drama based on the novel Fantastic Girl by author Kim Hye-Jung. Adapted to the screen by Yoo Song Yi, with the drama directed by Lee Hyun Suk. It stars Choi Kang Hee in Ban Ha-Ni's role, a 37-years-old single, timid, and servile woman who lives in fear of getting fired at any given point. She's tired of being single and actively seeks opportunities to get rid of the ‘single life-tag. Feeling miserable and unsuccessful, and fearing she may have finally lost all her spark, until one day, her spunky younger self, played by Lee Re, appears in front of her demanding change, and that story goes from there.

The drama also features Han Yoo Hyun played by Kim Young Kwang (The Secret Life of My Secretary), the only son of Joa Confectionery's president. He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he is a free spirit who still hasn’t grown up; Eum Moon Suk (Tell Me What You Saw) plays Ahn So Ni, a former top star known for his high-maintenance demands, among other great and exciting actors.

The drama's title refers to the Greek myth, where arrogant General Sisyphus is punished by the gods to eternally roll up the same boulder up a hill, a task he was never able to fully complete.


With that in mind, Sisyphus is a South Korean fantasy drama directed by Jin Hyeok and adapted to the screen by Jeon Chan Ho and Lee Je In. The story is about a genius engineer Han Tael Sul played by Jo Seung Woo, who tries to solve the mystery of his brother’s death. Park Shin-Hye plays Kang Seo Hae, a soldier from the future who travels to the present to save Tael Sul, who is destined to save the world from futuristic ruin. Together Tae Sul and Seo Hee embark on a perilous journey to bring to light hidden truths about beings that secretly reside in the world and who have Tae Sul in their sights. 

Other cast members include Heo Jun Seok plays Han Tae San, Tae Sul's brother; Tae In Ho plays Eddie Kim Tae Sul's friend/Quantum & Time Co-Founder; Jung Hye In plays Kim Seo Jin, a Psychiatrist, and Tae Sul's former girlfriend and friend, and legendary actor Jeon Gook Hwan, plays Seo Jin's father, & President of Quantum & Time.

“Hush is a 2021 South Korean slice of life office drama directed by Choi Kyu Shik and penned by Kim Jung Min. The drama tells the story of ordinary newspaper reporters working for "Daily Korea" and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas. 

Han Jun Hyeok, played by Hwang Jung Min, is a veteran reporter whose primary purpose for becoming a reporter was to pursue justice. Still, as life often does, he is one day faced with a situation where he was forced to choose between his idealism and pragmatism of life while at the same time dealing with personal issues as a husband and father. The story that unfolds depicts the consequences of that choice and its effect on his life on a personal and professional level.

Lee Ji Su, played by Im Yoon Ah, is a bold intern reporter working at the same newspaper as Han Jun Heok and who, unbeknownst to him, connects to that choice he made that changed her and her family's life forever. Lee Ji Soo is daring and unabashed with her thoughts or words. Despite joining the newspaper with ulterior motives, when she meets Han Jun Hyeok and the other reporters who work at the newspaper, she starts to understand what it truly takes to become a real journalist.

Mr. Queen is a 2020 South Korean period drama series directed by Yoon Sung Sik.


The story tells a tale of a male Chef Jang Bong Hwan and a hard-core womanizer cameoed by Choi Jin Hyuk, who has risen up the ranks to be the go-to Chef country’s top politicians in the South Korean presidential residences, the Blue House. Bong Hwan, ever the dreamer by circumstances outside his doing; one day, he finds himself in the body of a young princess from the Joesen period. Kim So Yong was recently selected to be Queen Cheorin, played by Shin Hye Sun.


Kim So Yong’s soon-to-be husband is the reigning monarch, King Cheoljong, played by Kim Jung Hyun. However, he is king only in name – the late King Sunjo’s Queen, Sun Won from the Kim Clan, now Grand Queen Dowager, played by Bae Jong Ok, has taken advantage of Cheoljong’s better nature and is ruling the realm in his name as Regent Queen. The Grand Queen Dowager's brother Kim Jwa Guen played by Kim Tae Woo, also has power designs.


Before the royal nuptials, however, Bong Hwan's soul now living in Joeson trapped in Kim So Yong's body discovers that King Cheoljong, the man he is about to marry as Kim So Yong harbors secrets, and is not as gentle, dumb, or as meek as he's made himself.  This drama is Bong Hwan's journey in Kim So Yong's life and the truths he discovers about himself and her and its impact on him and the people he meets along this journey.

A passionate reporter with exceptional talent, Lee Jin Woo, played by Lee Seo Jin, has dedicated his entire career to pursuing the truth. He will do whatever it takes to find and report the hard facts. A hard-working man, Jin Woo’s life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious phone call connects him with Seo Jung In also a reporter,  played by Lee Joo Young, who claims to be from the future.

Same as Jin Woo, Jung In has a knack for finding the best stories. She is not scared of doing whatever it takes to uncovers the nasty truths others wish to keep hidden. Following a string of leads, Jung In uncovers a dark plot, if uncovered, would shake the country to the core. With her father's life, South Korea’s President, Seo Ki Tae, on the line, Jung In finds herself engaged in a deadly race against time. But she’s not alone. Mysteriously connected by phone to Lee Jin Woo, the two agree to join forces to save the president.


Despite living in two completely separate timelines, Jin Woo and Jung In set out on a dangerous quest for the truth. Will they be able to stop the masterminds be the villainous plot before it's too late; only Time will tell. 

Joseon Exorcist aired two episodes and was canceled due to controversies. It featured Kam Woo-sung (The Wind Blows) as a Joseon monarch; the story had an interesting mix of history and fiction, centered around the evil spirits driven by humankind's greed and the people who try to protect Joseon from being swallowed whole by those spirits.

Kam Woo-sung played King Taejong, who encountered evil Western spirits for the first time, making his rounds in the northern territories in his early reign. He successfully sealed the spirit Azazel away, but years later, the Joseon people's greed drove its evil rebirth.

Jang Dong-Yoon (Tale of Nokdu) and Park Sung-hoon (Memorials) played Taejong’s sons, who had opposite personalities. 

A reinterpretation of a classic Goguryeo folk, River Where the Moon Rises is the tale of Princess played by Kim So Hyun who was born as a Goguryeo princess who lives her life as majestic royalty in Salsu. She is an ambitious woman who dreams of becoming the first female to lead Goguryeo, but when she meets On Dal played by Ji Soo (ep 1-8), played by Na In Woo, (ep. 9-20) she is shaken up by the new emotions she experiences. 

On Dal is the man that captures the princess's heart and is the exact opposite of her. He is an oasis of calm amid the turbulent storms in Pyeonggang’s life. When he meets, the warrior princess On Dal soon finds himself equally shaken up by the princess and soon starts to forsake his principles to keep her safe, an endeavor that will prove to be increasingly difficult, as warring factions lethally vie for the throne. 

Lee Ji Hoon will play Go Geun, Goguryeo’s elite general. Embodying the characteristics of a man with a powerful rank in the kingdom, he has the capability to mobilize people through his words. Vowing to achieve ultimate peace for the kingdom, he enters into a fierce battle with peace and order at stake. 

At the age of eight, Park Joo-Hyung (Song Joong-ki) went to Italy after being adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano mafia family. Renamed Vincenzo Cassano, he became an Italian lawyer, a consigliere for the mafia, and Don Fabio’s right-hand man. After Fabio dies, Paolo (Fabio’s biological son and new leader) tries to kill Vincenzo; he flees to Seoul and sets out to recover a huge quantity (1.5 tons) of hidden gold within Geumga-dong Plaza.


Before moving to Seoul, Vincenzo had helped a Chinese tycoon stash the gold in a mafia-secured vault within the complex. The tycoon dies. Since no one else knows about the vault, Vincenzo plans to recover the gold and use it as his retirement fund after leaving Italy and the mafia. However, a real estate company under Babel Group has illegally taken ownership of the building, and Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the building and recover his fortunes. Vincenzo becomes involved with lawyer Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been), the type of attorney who will do anything to win a case.

Geu Roo is a young man with Asperger syndrome. He with for his father in their trauma cleaning business, “Move To Heaven.” They provide a cleaning service to clean up and collect personal effects in the homes and businesses of those who have departed this world. Their families are either too distressed to deal with the personal effects or don't care enough.


 One day, Geu Roo's own father dies, and he is left alone, but then his uncle Sang Koo (Lee Je Hoon) suddenly appears in front of him out of nowhere. Sang Koo is a cold man with a hard past. He used to be an underground free-fighting boxer whose fighting skills were unmatched. He was known as Nightmare for his superior skills. One night during one of these underground fights, Sang Koo seriously injuries his opponent and is sent to prison. And after his release from prison, he finds out his estranged older brother died and appointed him as Geu Roo’s guardian.


And as they begin to live and work together, life transforms for Sang Koo more than Geu Roo, who continues with his normal unchanged routine, but for Sang, Koo begins the beautiful journey of change, love, and acceptance, not just of Geu Roo but himself.