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Beyond Evil -- Episode 15: Turning the Tables

Beyond Evil was like fine wine; it got better as it aged, so to speak. I am in pieces that this remarkably penned and acted drama is coming to an end. It is no secret, I am a huge Shin Ha Kyun fan and had great expectations from him in this role, and it suffices to say he did not disappoint. I have much respect for Yeo Jin Goo as an actor; he’s a great young talent that blossoms the darker the role – he’s been brilliant as Han Joo Won. But then so have all the actors in their respective roles.

The eye-opener for me has been Choi Dae Hoon. I can’t say I’ve seen him in any lead roles; the only other role I remember for him was in Crash Landing on You, but boy, has he been spectacular as Park Jung Je. I loved everything about him in this role, from his voice to his facial expression and his tortured demeanor as a son, a friend, and a teenage boyfriend. My pain for Han Joo Won for his disappointment in his father not as a parent (that man was hardly one to him) but as a high-ranking police officer, one who is supposed to enforce the law, was crashing to watch. To be told one’s parent is not who you perceive them to be is one thing, but to hear it for oneself that's an entirely different thing. And what’s even worse to realize the one person you've suspected and hated in some ways has been the victim all along and at the hand of your own father – traumatizing indeed.

I think what I love most about Han Joo Won is his purpose, the unwavering and binding commitment to do the right no matter its consequences. And I think it’s that resolve and commitment that drew Joo Won and Dong Shik together irrespective of their approach. I love that after hearing what he heard, Joo Won went to Dong Shik with the wiretap rather than just called him over the phone. Their relationship with its ups and downs is what’s makes this drama the brilliance that it’s become.

I despise Park Jung Je’s mom and Han Joo Won’s father for everything but the parent those two deserved. More so, Councilwoman Do, she's the beyond evil this drama speaks of, and rather than repent, she blames her son for her evil doings when in reality, it's always been about her.

I wish Jung Je had cut her off a long time ago. She’s had plenty of chances to change her toxic ways but continues to show her true colors, and not once has she been sorry for harming him the way she has. How freeing it would've been for Jung Je to accept that his mother was never going to be the parent he deserved her, something Han Joo Won accepted a long time ago. And it’s the reason he’s able to turn the table on his father.

And now that the tables are turned, I’m enjoying the mouse and game Dong Shik and Joo Won decided to play with Chief Han, Lee Chang-Jin, and Councilwoman Do to get their evidence. I knew the minute Chief Jung decided to blackmail Lee Chang-Jin and Chief Han; he was a dead man walking. I loved how Dong Shik and Han Joo Won appeared at the pier out of nowhere, saving Chief Jung’s life despite him not deserving it. I knew Han Joo Won was planning on taking down his father once he was appointed as commissioner, but I guess his father had his own plans too. As they say, sometimes the best plans go awry. Rather than frame Dong Shik with the Chief's murder as he'd intended, he ends up framing his son. I’m dying to find out how things will finally pan out. I love this show!



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