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Beyond Evil -- Episode 8: Two Sides to Every Story

They say the dead cannot cry out for justice; the living has to do so for them. That is so true. Dong Shik and Joo Won may have freed Min Jung and the many others victimized by Kang Jin Mook. But the battle is not over, not even close. JIn Mook may be a killer, but he is just a ploy, a stepping stone to the beyond evil still out there.

I get the sense the monsters in Congresswoman Hae Won, JL Constructions' Lee Chang-Jin, and Deputy Chief of Police Han Ki Hwan would rather have Min Jook released than see or admit justice in action. Dong Shik and Joo Woon have their work cut out if they're to bring justice to Manyang.

I guess Joo Woon has been feeling like Dong Shik has been stringing him for a while now. I am starting to get annoyed with his short-sightedness even though I understand his frustration. As much as I like Joo Won. But I am relieved the truth is finally out, and he doesn't have to bear it on his own anymore. I appreciated that Joo Won recognized Dong Shik's grief's depth and let him have his private moment with Min Jung.

Dong Shik may act crazy at times, but he's the most courageous and just person in that whole demented town. I knew Joo Won and Dong Shik together would be a force to be reckoned with; unbeatable. Kang Jin Mook may have thought he could provoke Dong Shik to lose his temper when he requested; they interrogate him, but boy, was he wrong.

I thoroughly enjoyed how they pigged backed off each other to rile him up. The fact that Min Jung isn't Jin Mook's daughter explains why it was easy for him to kill her, especially since she seemed to have provoked him, or at least that's how he interpreted her actions. No amount of excuse, be it abuse or otherwise, explains Jin Mook. As they say, true evil needs no reason to exist; it simply is and feeds upon itself. I knew there'd be more to the killings than just Jin Mook. It was just too easy. And just like that, we are back to square one when it comes to Dong Shik's sister, but why does Chief Nam Sang Bae bother me so; something about him isn't right. I don't know where the show goes from here, but I like it; I'm genuinely excited to find out. Watch Episode 8 here.

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