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Black Sun -- Episodes 3 & 4: The Unveiling

I doubt Ji Hyuk in the hands of a lesser actor than Namgoong Min would work as much as it does. From the tilt of his head as he wonders whether the person next to him is the spy and traitor he is after, to the way he holds himself, and even the way he walks, is of a man waiting for the sky to fall on his head and prepared for it. What makes Ji Hyuk as a character so compelling is that he walks a fine line between reason and delusion. Sometimes, as a viewer, I am not sure whether everything around him is entirely in his head, or whether the suspicions he sees around him exist, and they are all out to get him, and it's clear everyone thinks the same of him, especially at the agency.

I can understand Soo Yeon being angry at the loss of her boyfriend, but there is something blatant about how she reacts towards Ji Hyuk. Yes, he has his own ways of doing things, and it's dangerous at times, but they were all on the same mission. But simply because he survived doesn't mean he had a hand at their death, maybe I'm making too much of it. After watching the first two episodes, it did cross my mind that Ji Hyuk's NIS partners Kim Dong Wook and Oh Kyung Seok in China double crossed him. If not both, at least one of them. It makes me think the enemy is much closer than he may expect. Everyone appears to have a motive to keep Ji Hyuk close, even Yoo Je Yi. Knowing Ji Hyuk, I am sure he is skeptical of everyone around him, including Yoo Je Yi.

And just as the Agency and those around him use him for the information in his head, he uses them for the information he is missing. That said though, I liked knowing Ji Hyuk has someone helping in on the inside. whoever that may be. I hope they are a friend and not a foe, because even Ji Hyuk needs someone he can relay on to get through the chaos. There are many things I love about Ji Hyuk, but what I like most is that he doesn't waste his words, and doesn't leave anything behind in a fight.

It is so hard to discern who is involved with what in Black Sun, since everyone seems guilt of one thing or another, but I have to say Soo Yeon sticks out like a stick out like a sore thumb. I took Choi Sang Gyun's reveal to Ji Hyuk that she leaked information that ultimately led to Kim Dong Wook, Oh Kyung Seok, his father's death, and Ji Hyuk's disappearance with a grain of salt, since Sang Gyun seems to have someone feeding him information who also wants revenge from the agency. Speaking of Sang Gyun, I loved his scenes. They were so meticulously done that it got me so curious if the person helping Ji Hyuk is the same one that helped him.

Soo Yeon is definitely keeping a secret, but then so is almost every one that works in the agency from deputy director Do Jin Suk, division director Kang Pil Ho, team lead Ha Dong Gyun, domestic division deputy director Lee In Hwan (Lee Kyung Young), NIS director Jeong Yong Tae (Kim Min Sang), and NIS director Bang Young Chan (Kim Byung Gi). There is so much to uncover, but I like how each episode unveils pieces of Ji Hyuk's memories. I sincerely hope he doesn't end up being the culprit he seeks. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here.


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