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Daebak Realty -- Episode 7: The Nature of Secrets

Daebak Realty had a different feel to it this episode. It was heavy with secrets. I remember when Secretary Joo told Ji Ah that Oh Sung Shik, In Bum’s uncle, was suspected of setting up a fire that killed seven people and committed suicide after like the story didn’t make sense. For some reason, he didn’t seem like the type.

Now that we have a glimpse into Sung Shik's relationship with Chairman Do (Ahn Kil Kang), I know I was right. He didn’t set up the fire. He signed that he did to save his nephew and get the apartment he’s been wanting. It’s more than likely the Chairman double-crossed him. And the fact that Oh Sung Shik still hovers around him, looking to claim his apartment, proves he didn’t commit suicide but was most likely murdered.

Interestingly, though, is how different both In Bum and Ji Ah remember when her mother died. It makes me wonder if the spirit that possessed young In Bum 20 years ago was one of those spirits that don’t know they are dead. It probably manipulated both their thoughts with alternate realities to what happened. That something went completely awry while Ji Ah’s mom was performing the exorcism is evident; it’s the only explanation that makes sense. But now, with the revelation that there’s more to HJ than Ji Ah’s secretary, I cannot help but wonder if she’s somehow connected. And it’s that connection that keeps her beside Ji Ah. Being Ji Ah’s only friend, the betrayal will most definitely hurt. I don’t think she’s bad per see, but I hate that she’s deceptive and full of secrets.

This episode’s exorcism case touched my heart more than the others. The mother caught in between her children, struggling to remain as important to them as they are to her while at the same time haunted by her father’s death. I suspected it was a suicide, and in a way, I think she knew he disappeared from their lives to spare them the pain. It was easier to believe someone killed him than the alternative. Most times, children are so busy growing up that they often forget their parents are also growing up and may need more attention than they do. As they say, no family is perfect – families argue, fight, and even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is always family – the love is always there.

I knew In Bum would eventually figure out his uncle’s connection to Ji Ah and her mom. I didn’t think he would do it before she did. I hoped he would tell Ji Ah himself and not provide HJ with an opportunity to manipulate the situation further because all secrets, if not quickly revealed, become deep and turn dark. That’s just the nature of secrets. I‘ve known all along that Ji Ah wasn’t as uncaring as she appears; a lifetime of unnecessary backlash from those who she’s tired jaded her to other people’s pain. It’s not that she doesn’t care; it’s that she cared too much to care anymore. Only a fool thinks they can keep a secret other people know forever. I hadn't peg Secretary Joo as a fool. Watch Episode 7 here.



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