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Hush - Episode 11: H. U. S. H

I gained so much appreciation for Ji Soo this hour; she's come a long way from the person she first was as an intern at Daily Korea. I commend her not just for the growth but also for eventually understanding what it takes to be a good reporter and become one. As glad as I was for Ji Soo as sad for Kyung Woo for succumbing to his desperate situation and betraying his colleagues. But then that only makes him human.

I couldn't for the life of me understand why Executive Park was so obsessed with "No Gain, No Pain" and why he brought on CEO An but now it's all become so crystal clear -- politics. He doesn't care about the truth; he only cares about his future political appearance. And finally, we get an understanding of H. U. S. H (Helpless Unfortunate Soo-Yeon's Han-Kook). I love this drama and Joon Hyuk; he's my hero.



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