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Mr. Queen - Episode 13: The Language of Love

Our Queen and King Cheoljong give me such a high every time, no-fail. And the best part is despite turning a bit dark, Mr. Queen still manages to keep what attracts us to it most, its funny moments. They say the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. The Queen and King's selfless language of love is so endearing, even more so because neither of them is fully aware of its depth. And as unfortunate as the King's incident was, I liked that it served as an eye-opener to our Queen finally realizing it's no longer about surviving the palace but coming out on top, not just for him as Bong Hwan but also for So Yong and her King.

For me, the best moments of this episode was our Queen going off on SY's father and BI; I almost screamed with joy. I loved every second of it. I think the only other thing that could've outdone those moments was the Queen going off on the side-chick. It wasn't just our Queen with powerful moments, but our King as well. In acting a fool, our King was always a step ahead from the bombing incident to him, exploding at the Grand Queen and the royal court, everything was intentional -- divide and conquer, now that was brilliant. But the real fight just beginning, and as we've come to expect, the ending was the best.



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