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Hush - Episode 16: No Hushing The Truth (Final Episode)

What an emotional ending to this incredible journey, Hush, and the many lessons and messages along the way. Still, most of all, I like that it unequivocally taught us that the most valuable, ethical, and courageous feature of journalism is telling the truth. Sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular, and that a good journalist is not the one that writes what people say, but the one that writes what they’re supposed to write despite what they say. No amount of distorting or manipulating of the truth will make it any less so – No Pain, No Gain, indeed.

Hush has been a thought-provoking drama. I will admire it for it tackling everything from misperceptions, fake news, corruption, and discrimination in all its forms but mostly the worst kind that which has been inflicted on society by society. I thoroughly enjoyed how wonderful a job Hwang Jung Min, Im Yoon Ah, and the rest of the supporting cast, writer, director, and production team have done with this well-rounded slice of life drama. Annyeong, until the next one.



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