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LUCA - Episode 3: Humans Are Much Scarier Monsters

Will Gu Reum ever have a winning moment in this show (sigh); I figured when she joins hands with Zi, she would, but I’m not sure about that because where Zi goes, electricity and fire follow. I knew the minute GR and Zi went to that church, it wouldn’t end well, for that nun was more of a monster than Zi ever was because what a human being does and says can be much scarier than the scariest monster.

And as Zi O lost his memory and began being chased by unknown pursuers, his life became entangled with Gu Reum’s when he risked his life to save her. Gu Reum also grew confident that Ji Oh was the boy from her memories of the past. I am all for radical science as we wouldn’t be here without the innovations in science today. But when radical goes mad because a few scientists and their cultic church investors intoxicated by demonic motivations to know and experience things that weren’t meant to be known or experienced by humans, and not especially without regard to life, that’s not evolution: it’s devolution. I am in love with the OST. Watch Episode 3 here.



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