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Hello, Me -- Episode 11 & 12: Finding the Light

Every time I watch this drama, I find myself thinking how amazing it would be if one would have the opportunity to visit with one's younger or older self not to change necessarily but to gain a better perspective of oneself. And guess that's the point of this drama -- perspective. I love the growth and healing it provides or attempts to provide each of our characters. Older Hani finding herself after 20 years of guilt; Han Yoo Hyun, finding a purpose in himself and realizing he is loved and needed. Anthony forgiving himself for his past ways and letting go of misplaced guilt; and Yang Do Yoon and Oh Ji Eun finding the love of parenting in themselves, something they always felt they missed in their lives. For this and many other beautiful moments, I adore this drama.

I also appreciate this drama for showing us, there's good and bad in everyone and that greed is not always about money but also status and entitlement, as in the case of Han Ji Sook Yoo Hyun's aunt (Baek Hyun Joo), who has everything but has lived all her life wanting her brother has -- acceptance in her ability as a female, which itself is commendable but not the way she decided to go about getting it. To be so unabashed in selfishness and manipulative in her needs that she betrays the trust and love of her brother, nephew, son, and daughter-in-law is beyond disgraceful and regrettable to watch but I guess that is part of her retrospective journey into herself. Only when she gets what she's craved will she realize she's always had not only acceptance but approval, and all the love she needed to make her whole all along.

I completely understand the need for recognition, acceptance, and love, which also seems to be a theme in this drama as most if not all of our characters are seeking some approval, be it from a parent, a parent-like figure, a friend, a loved one, or even the past. But what I don't understand is the cruel or immoral extent one is willing to go for that recognition, especially when they know it's wrong. Even if she did some of it to appease her mother in law she should've stood her ground, but I guess she is human after all, and so is the son, I guess. My heart hurts for Yoo Hyun everything he's done to find himself to now be tripped by someone else's greed and find out about his father at the same time. It's going to hurt for sure, but I know Hani will be there to help him through it. Only through loss does one appreciate what they have. Watch Episode 11 & 12 here.



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