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High Class -- Episodes 9 & 10: The Plot Thickens

Most dramas get predicable as they go but not high class. It's maintained it's intrigue and interest throughout it's run so far. This drama is getting even more interesting that it already is. It was clear as day, I knew I was right, Jae In was the one that smashed her violin. I could tell the pressure was getting to her, but that her mother still fails to recognize the effects of her actions on her child is what is more disturbing. Now more than ever, I believe Na Yoon and Ahn Ji Yong are this swindling and disappearance scheme together. Also, I am not sure what is going on with that VIP maid, but she knows more than she's letting on.

I don't mind a dogged cop, especially one who isn't swayed by his superiors' corrupt pressures. But when that cop gets hung up on one person without any evidence, but solely because she was married to a presumed missing swindler, and by default must be responsible for his actions, that cop simply becomes frustratingly annoying. Alex Commer bothers me a lot. I bet it's the husband that wants Yeo Wool to register his death. I bet it's the only way he can get these millions hidden. Poor Yi Chan, probably thought he saw a ghost. I would've too if my dead father appeared out of nowhere. I like that the cop is pursuing new avenues now that he knows Yeo Wool wasn't involved in the chairperson's death and sooner or later he will figure out the truth behind the husband as well.

I love that all it takes to rattle Na Yoon is Yeo Wool's presence. I cannot stand her brazenness. Try all she wants, there is no changing the fact that she's nothing more than a mistress, and if I am right, a con right along a coward terrorizing his wife and small child for money. I don't care what motivates the maid, but she needs to stop with the silliness. If she has something to say, just say it already. What a bunch of creeps. The other one I can't stand is Nam Ji Sun. She needs to get off her mighty high horse and deal with the many issues within her own home and life, rather than calling out others for theirs. As they say, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

I think Nam Ji Sun's biggest downfall is her determination to drive everyone that doesn't meet what she believes to be the standard of prefection especially when nothing in her life as perfect as she wants everyone to believe. I knew Yeo Wool and Danny Oh would make a formidable duo. I am glad they decided to bury the hatchet and work together to try and unravel the mystery surrounding her husbands disappearance, the school, the foundation and practically everyone that lives in this so called paradise island. And now that they've discovered the lair of whoever has been spying on Yeo Wool within her own home it will only be a matter of time before Yeo Wool realizes her husband isn't dead and, or missing. Watch episodes 9 & 10 here.



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