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Hometown Cha Cha Cha -- Episodes 3 & 4: The Simplicity of Life in the Countryside

The simplicity of life and the people, that is what I love most about the countryside, and particularly the seaside village of Gongjin. The clear blue sparkling water, the peacefulness, the fresh air, and, of course, add to that, Doo Shik, and it far outweighs the prying eyes and nose for simple, yet well-meaning town folks. They all seem to live of the simple things in life.

I knew the moment Hye Jin told Doo Shik she was headed to Seoul, he would ask her to tag along. I totally didn't imagine he would bring along the elders as well. Hye Jin's expression when he asked her to give all of them a ride was priceless. I couldn't stop laughing. I love Hye Jin, the character a lot, but the actress even more. And when I saw what the elders were bringing with them, and how long it took Hye Jin to settle on her outfit, I truly feared the worst, but was glad everybody reached Seoul in one piece. The constant bathroom breaks were hilarious, I love the town elders.

The minute I saw Hye Jin's miserable classmates, I immediately realized why she tried so hard, a glimpse of them, and I could tell she was much better off than them. Yes, they live in Seoul, but that's all they have going for them if that's even something one can count as an achievement, considering how they felt they needed to put her down to feel good about their own unhappiness. Whoever said insecure people put others down to raise themselves up wasn't lying. Doo Shik's trip to Seoul had me even more curious about him. It made me realize the drama hasn't told us much about him, other than that he was born and raised in the village and that they adore him. I can't shake the feeling he's suffered some type of trauma that keeps him in Gongjin. I hope it isn't a story that will eventually affect his budding relationship with Hye Jin.

Speaking of budding relationship, Hye Jin and Doo Shik couldn't be any different from each other. As loving, caring and considerate as he is as cold and aloof as Hye Jin is, but from what we've seen of her so far, I don't believe her aloofness comes from a bad place. I presume Doo Shik knows that, but still he couldn't help but be disappointed by her actions with Grandma Kim Gam Ri (Kim Young Ok), and that was totally understandable. But everybody has a story, a wound that affects how they lead their lives and relate to others despite appearances. And I appreciated Doo Shik for apologizing to Hye Jin once he realized she wasn't insensitive and arrogant, but someone hardened by the unfairness of life.

I adore the relationship between the village people, but more how organized and well-connected they were about their community. One can tell there is much history and stories there. From the elders to the different businesses, and awkward District Head Jang Yeong Guk (In Gyo Jin) and his ex-wife Yeo Hwa Jeong (Lee Bong Ryun), Hye Jin's best friend Pyo Min Seon (Gong Min Jung) and police substation officer Choi Eun Chul (Kang Hyung Suk), but more Doo Shik and Hye Jin, especially how she always appears looking for him, and conversely, he's always looking to keep her safe. The moment he came flying to her, Hye Jin's rescue in the clinic from her and Min Seo's sexual harasser was the best of the episode, if not the drama to date. I love their chemistry together, they fit each other so well. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here.



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