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Hometown -- Episodes 1 & 2: Evil Spirits and Cults

I always say this, but it falls so true, since most of the time I'm not sure what I expect with a new drama, and Hometown isn't any different, since I surely didn't expect it's freakishly intense opening. Yoo Jae Myung, Han Ye Ri, and Uhm Tae Goo in one drama. I was intrigued the moment I read the synopsis of the show. And even more so for Uhm Tae Goo, what an amazing actor, not that the others aren't, but I find him captivating in the way he delivers a role. This drama gave me The Hunted vibes, the American movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro (another captivating actor). And if the first week is any indication, I am excited.

I didn't realize Hometown would have a supernatural element. The moment with Lee Kyung Jin (Kim Ji-An) and her mother was so unexpected it made me jump. I don't know what it was that attacked them, but it wasn't human. And if we follow what Jung Hyun's (Han Ye Ri) friend said, Kyungo Ho (Uhm Tae Goo) must be Guru (which holds religious conation for sure). The note also mentioned that if they couldn't have Guru, they would have his daughter in his stead. The flashbacks seem to allude to the fact that Jae Young (Lee Re) is Kyungo Ho's daughter, so it's all sort of falling into place, but not the why. I'm not sure what is going on, but it seems like whatever evil is on them now is rooted in the past.

The moment Jung Hyun's mom introduced Pastor Woo (Yu Seong Ju) and the deacon, I got that dreading feeling they were a cult disguised as a church. And when Hwan Kyu (Kim Shin Bi) mentioned the church, that did it for me. I reckon this Lee Young Duk (Yoon Kyung-Ho) and his Genius Academy must be involved in Jung Hyun's niece's kidnapping. He gives me creep vibes, but so does Moon Sook (Heo Jung Eun) Jung Hyun's niece's friend. The way she spoke, what she said, how she said it, something didn't seem right about it and her. Even Jung Min-Jae (Kim Jung) Jung Hyun's friend from high school appeared off. There are so many weird characters in this drama that it's getting hard to trust anyone.

I am not sure what to believe about Kyungo Ho. He doesn't seem to deny that he was or may have been involved with the subway gas terror incident. That incident is definitely the catalyst for the events unfolding now, but how is Lee Kyung Jin (Kim Ji-An) or her family involved; I mean, why did the evil spirit or thing go after her and her mother; I feel like I am missing something here. Also, is Kyungo Ho part of this cult or maybe the leader; and is this evil spirit or whatever it is after him for revenge? So many questions.

Again, I am not sure what to make of Detective Choi Hyung In (Yoo Jae Myung). He doesn't say much, but knowing he lost his wife in the terror gas incident makes me skeptical about him. It gives him motive to want to hurt Kyungo Ho and his family, even though I don't think he's involved. And, of course, there is Lee Shing Jeong (Jo Bok Rae). I cannot shake this feeling that he has some history with either the cult or the terror incident somehow. Watch episodes 1 & 2 here.



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