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Hospital Playlist -- Episodes 10, 11, and 12 (final): Playlist for Life

Hospital Playlist, in its storytelling, is like a playlist for life, food for the soul. This was the episode of confessions. The writer was wrong to make us think Song Hwa and Dr. Ah were out on a date, but I forgive them. Ik Jun and son were the epitomai of sweetness when the son went “mother in law and wife” I about died.

Jung Won’s drawer of rosaries looked pretty serious, and I was not surprised to know that Jung Won was the kind soul that paid those patients bills that didn’t have money to pay their own bills. And only he would think about passing on the torch before leaving. My heart is filled with him. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Gyu-wool situation when the doctors saw the flower bouquet and got carried away with the situation. Jun Wong’s reaction to Gyu Wool's non-existence boyfriend's potential proposal made me think yet again that he may have feelings for her, but one thing is for sure Gyu Wool is nowhere over her feelings for Jung won.

Dr. Chun was my least favorite character in this drama. The way he belittled his patients and their families and with nothing but contempt towards others was infuriating. I understood Do Je Hak’s reluctance to be a doctor, let alone a senior, and why he trusted and respected Jun Wan as a doctor and a leader. It's in the little moments that people find comfort the most. Jung won, and Ik Jun’s chat over his future and choice between theology and secular life gave me hope. After all the speculations that Jung won, it was a relief to get confirmation did indeed have feelings for Gyu Wool. I hope he listens to Ik Jun’s advice and follows his heart; God will certainly understand and appreciate it. I love Ik Jun for always looking out for others and being Gyu Wool's guide and support throughout her difficult journey with Jun wong. He realizes his feelings for her had a huge effect even the band practice was a revelation of love, now all he has to do is take the step.

Jun wan and Ik Jun, jealous for their own respective reasons, were adorable, but seeing Jun Wan's apprehension over Ik-Sun's acceptance into the study abroad program made me feel for him. I’ve been wondering and hoping about Suk Hyung and Min Ha, and was totally surprised at her confession, and so was he in complete shock. I commend Min Ha for taking the first step – I love that this drama is purposeful in depicting the women as strong-minded, always willing to take matters into their own hands for the outcomes they want. But the part confession part hypothesis scenario was quite ingenious and a bit cowardly of Ik Jun towards Song Hwa. As much as I want Song Hwa to say yes, I feel she won't. I cannot wait to see where things with Song Hwa and Ik Jun. I was not surprised to see Suk Hyung’s mom decide not to go through with the divorce; I fully understood her reasons and respected her for it.

I truly felt for Suk Hyung with his father and Nurse Su Bin with her daughter, but things always happen for a reason. I am a true believer in that. People change and, or we lose them so that we can learn to let go, things go wrong so that we appreciate them when they’re right, and most times, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together. Ik Jun trying to eavesdrop on Jun wan on the phone was hilarious. I loved Jun Wan trying to ease Ik sun’s mind on long-distance dating because true love can bridge the most significant distances. One can tell the depth of relationship in the gift he gets her -- wireless ear pods -- beyond romantic. It clearly showed how much he appreciated their similarities while respecting their differences. My heart melted into pieces for Dr. Ah for finally accepting that he never really had a chance to Song Hwa's heart.

Jun Wan and Song Hwa’s eating habits were hysterical. I love all of them so much. The scene with Jung Won talking to the director about leaving scared me as it seems he had chosen God; I hurt both Gyu Wul and his mom. That is why I completely get Mama Rosa doing whatever she could to keep her the only son that wasn't in the ministry, just that not in the ministry. Her approaching Gyu Wool and pushing her to stop Jung Won warmed my heart. I swear all the relationships in this show are so valuable -- some reasons make relationships precious, but only precious relationships are made with no reason; those are the ones that should be kept alive for a lifetime -- Song Hwa. I knew Ik Jun's confession would shake Song Hwa's world. I didn’t expect she would run from it, though, understandably so. I wonder what happens to them now.

Hospital Playlist has given me many memorable moments, and today’s stands to be the most haunting, not in a bad way but in that sad, nostalgic, poignant way. It’s one of the hardest because it’s the last and because of its many moments. I appreciated the pregnant woman who lost her baby to the liver patient who got a renewed license to live with the stent patient, and most of all, the love confessions, old and new (answered and unanswered). They were all precious instances that will remain with me for a while to come. This drama has made me laugh, cry, and cringe, but most of all, it’s made me relish the relationships in my life.

Other than the stories, the best parts have been the friendship that, despite the busy schedules, Ik Jun, Jung won, Jun wan, Song Hwa, and Suk Hyung consistently made time for each other. I loved how comfortable they always were with one another, even when they disagreed. I will miss them, and the band practices most of all. I’ve had many takeaways from this drama. Still, the most important is that friendship is a choice, and more than any romantic relationship, I adored the deliberate choice of friendship every time. However, I want to say that if Jung won hadn’t decided to stay and be with Gyu Wool. I would have died. I cannot wait for Hospital Playlist 2.


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