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Hospital Playlist -- Episodes 4 & 5: There is Beauty in Everything, Even in Silence and Darkness.

The more I watch Hospital Playlist, the obsessed I get. It's the gift the keeps giving, and with each new character comes great fun, and Lee Ik Jun's sister Ik-Sun (Kwak Sun Young) is exactly that, fun.

And the fact that she is a Major in the army makes her even cooler than all of the friends combined. With the ease of friendship comes complications in the romance department for some of our residents and doctors alike. Despite me shipping Jun Wan with Song Hwa, it looks like his feelings may lay elsewhere, Ik-Sun. And she likes him too, even if the show wants us to believe she may have feelings for Neurosurgery Resident Ahn Chi Hong (Kim Joon Han). I love his calm and soothing demeanor. He, though, definitely has feelings for Chae Song Hwa. I mean, he confessed. On the other hand, I think she has feelings for Ik Jun, but I may be wrong.

I love Gyeo Wool with Jung Won. I want all the developing romances to work, but I am thoroughly invested in one between Suk Hyung and Ob-Gyn Resident Chu Min Ha (Ahn Eun Jin). She is borderline obsessed with him, which is working for her because he certainly likes her too, despite doing an outstanding job of denying it at each turn. I had a massive smile on my face when he calmly and nonchalantly slid the cookies to her at the doctor's conference meeting. I know she's interested in him even if it's obviously clear if he is, there's definitely something there. She always seems to have a thousand and one questions about him and is always looking for ways to get closer to him. If Suk Hyung rejects Min Ha, it will definitely do with his overly obsessive mother, Jo Young Hye (Moon Hee Kyung). Something is unsettling about her.

Hospital Playlist has a knack for making me laugh and cry simultaneously; I am sure that's what's most appealing about it. Every episode brings a new story and message, be it in doctor's and resident's lives or the patients' and their guardians'. I especially liked Gyeo Wool chasing down the abusive father to Jung Won, slighting her for being insensitive with the patients to the hurt look on her face, but all that just proved how much he really cared for her even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Even the subplots of this drama are well thought of, the mafia game with Jung Won, his mother Rosa, her childhood friend Foundation Director Ju Jong Su (Kim Gab Soo) I love their relationship, Suk Hyung's mother, and Hospital Director Jun Jun (Jo Seung Yun) was the best. I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my eyes. But amidst all the fun, the sad moments always seem to leave more of a mark. I couldn’t stop my tears from falling about the heart patient and his dad, as well as the transplant patient and his family. As the saying goes, there is beauty in everything, even in silence and darkness.

Hospital Playlist is heartwarming stories all around. I knew Song Hwa didn’t have romantic feelings towards Chi Hong. I felt so bad for him. Jun Wan and Ik Jun’s sister, though, I love them together. Well, I love her even though I really wanted him with Song Hwa. Their chemistry together is beautiful to watch. But then love can't be forced; it just happens. It's a feeling, not a decision.

Poor guy can never seem to get peace of mind when it comes to his good-for-nothing father. I do, however, hope my ship for Chu Min Ha and Suk Hyung sails soon enough; God knows he needs some romance in his life. I loved the Go Ah Ra as Ik Jun's ex-girlfriend and the way Rosa and Jong Su were all over her; it was hilarious. This drama never ceases to amaze with the beautiful stories and messages it always leaves behind each episode.


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