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Hospital Playlist -- Episodes 6 & 7: The More You Know the More You Love

I am sure I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I will say it nonetheless, I love Jung Won’s mom and Ju Jong Su's relationship; they have a fantastic connection and always seem to have fun together. They are my favorite people after the five friends. I can't stop hoping they end up together; they fit each other so well. The fight scene between Ik Jun and Jun Wan had me on the floor. The way these two contact makes one wish for a similar best friend.

If this drama wasn't fun as it is, to top it off is all you want to know about the five professors' hospital cafeteria group headed by Assistant Professor Bong Kwang Hyun (Choi Young Joon) from ER. The way residents soak up Kwang Hyun's information from Heo Sun Bin (Ha Yoon Kyung), who wants to know more about her supervisor to Chu Min Ha and Gyeo Wool respectively who want to know about their love interests Jung Won and Suk Hyung respectively and even Do Je Hak with his constant questions on Jun Wan, so he can try and understand him better, is beyond hilarious – I love everybody at this hospital. I am glad Jun won allowed Dr. Do to shine; I love his personality. He deserved it, but I am anxious about his new lease; I have a feeling it’s a scan. It was good to see the twins again this week; I missed them and their drama analogies.

Balancing the fun with the more heavy moments is Hospital Playlist's forte. I was on pins and needles waiting on Song Hwa’s biopsy and knew at least one of her friends would be there early in the morning waiting right there with her. It made perfect sense that it was Ik Jun -- nothing, and I mean nothing beats this friendship. I wasn't surprised to know Ik Jun has always had feelings for Song Hwa but that he never pursued it because he knew Suk Hyung liked her as well; that's a true friend indeed. I know Song Hw like Ik Jun, but as they say, there is a time for everything, and when one doesn't take advantage of an opportunity as soon as it exists, in case the opportunity goes away, they may never get another chance.

In that sense, I so felt for Ik Jun when Dr. Ah told him he had feelings for Song Hwa but that she was not ready to date. Oh my God, I screamed when Ik Soon finally got back to Jun won. He crushed him. I could literally see the weight of it come down on his shoulders. I am praying he doesn't give up now that he's found his courage again. Same as how I love Jun Wan's courage to go after Ik-Sun despite her being his best friend's sister. I like that she took a chance on love; they suit each other very well; now, the only thing left is for Jung Won ends up with Gyeo Wool; and Suk Hyung with Min Ha.


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