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Hospital Playlist -- Episodes 8 & 9: Friendships and Happiness Amidst the Everyday Chaos

Some episodes are filled with fun, while others weigh you down just as in life. Jung Won's rejection of Gyeo Wool asking him out to dinner out the hospital grounds, I didn't realize I was holding my breath until he rejected her, was quite painful to watch. And the heaviness continued from Jun Wan losing his little patient; my heart broke for his parents to Min Ha feeling neglected and unappreciated to Do Je Hak losing his life savings. I knew the apartment deal was too good to be true. It felt like it was one hit after the other.

But even in its somber moments, Hospital Playlist continues to inspire. It was especially refreshing to see that even when the residents were having a hard time, thinking they were alone in their plights unbeknownst, their bosses provided support and care behind the scenes. It's one thing to be a boss and another thing to be a mentor. But it's an entirely different thing to be a leader and one that gives credit when credit is due; now, that is a mark of a true leader.

I think one of the best lessons' this drama delivers is that after darkness, there is always light because even amidst the chaos of the day-to-day happenings of the hospital, we had our happy moments. I was excited to see Jun Wan's love life progressing beautifully. They are perfect for each other. It was even more endearing to see Ik Jun have a successful moment with his cancer patient, even Min Ha trying to set up Gyeo Wool on a date after her disastrous rejection was existing to watch. She needs to move on, but at the same time, I want Jung Won to realize he is making a mistake giving up on Gyeo Wool. I think he just may; he surely didn't look too happy to see her get into another man's car. There is hope, after all. This drama makes me realize it's not what I have in my life but who I have in my life that counts.

Each friend indeed has their own burden to carry when it comes to family, but Suk Hyung's touched me the most; coming from a rich yet such a love-deprived family, especially from his dad, has had a pretty daunting effect on him. And I am sure that is why he appreciates his friends as much as he does. The way they all came together to care for his mom after her nervous breakdown with the father was endearing and lovely to watch. I was; however, I will not lie a bit disappointed that his mom decided to divorce the father, but I understand life is too short to waste it being angry and hateful. In the same breath, Jung Su's loneliness despite having a big family was quite sad. There is nothing more terrible than a person feeling lonely with family around them. I can see why he so appreciates Rosa as much as he does and envies her the family she has. I have a feeling they were destined to be together.

Each of the friends has something special about them; in Ik Jun's case is his loving and open nature, always willing to lend a helping hand. I love his kind and loving demeanor with his patients and their families, but most with his colleagues, friends, and sister. He warms my heart. My favorite scene was when he tricked Jung Won with “there is Gyeo Wool” to prove a point. The way Jung Won instinctively turned to look for her was so telling. But the best moment of all was when Gyeo Wool rolled up in an expensive car driven by a handsome man. Jung won’s reaction was worth a million dollars, despite her looking so miserable. Gyeo Wool’s longing looks towards Jung Won are so heartbreaking. I always feel like she's going to reach out and plant a kiss on his cheek one of these days.

As always, it's good having the twins back on screen, even if for a brief moment, I missed them. Despite knowing that Ik Jun was in love with Song Hwa, his waiting after his shift to give her a ride because it was raining because he knew she didn't bring her car sealed it for me. I'm just not sure what the future holds for them. On the other hand, Jun Wan and Ik Soon are so good to see them happy and so in love, but her talk of study abroad, three to five years, had my head spinning. I could see Jun Wan’s working overtime, and all I could think was Ik Soon, please don’t break his heart and mine.

I am always captivated by the medical cases and how the Hospital Playlist doctors and residents handle them, but the case that touched me the most was Ik Jun’s liver patient and her father. When the father stopped coming for visits, I really thought he had given up on his daughter since her prognosis was very dire, but to find out that he stayed away to lose weight so he can donate a healthy piece of him to save his daughter’s life left me speechless – a parent’s love truly knows no bounds. I find my happy instances of this drama in the band practices. They always know what to do to bring happiness to others. I hope we have a concert at the hospital before the end. As Ik Jun does, this drama makes me reflect on life – every day is a learning day – never judge a book by its cover – success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.


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