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Itaewon Class: Episode 11, 12, 13 & 14: Choices and Consequences

We are our choices, and Geun-soo's decision to work for Jangaa, despite not surprising, may one day come to haunt him. I had hoped he would realize sooner than later that one shouldn't change to make someone else happy or gain their love; that this move wouldn't affect him negatively and that he becomes instrumental in taking down the President from the inside, but I think I may have hoped for too much.

I loved that DanBam was being noticed and hoped but at the same time felt weary of the investment company that approached Yi Seo. On the other hand, Sae Royi's rejection of Yi Seo in a way made sense. He is too wrapped up in his feelings for someone else to consider or even accept another, but I also thought he shouldn't have dismissed Yi Seo's feeling for him the way he did. Or tell her she is mistaken in how she feels; that was even worse than the rejection. I find it hard to believe Sae Royi has been blind to Yi-Seo's feelings towards him. I think he deliberately chooses to ignore them because it suites him.

Even though I expected Geun Soo to do what he did, I couldn’t stop the sorrow that overcame me for his betrayal and more so for the loss of innocence and the thought that winning mattered more than friendship. I was deeply saddened, but his choice only made DanBam stronger. A desperate team is a dangerous one. They were like wounded animals, fighting for their last breath, and it all worked out in the end. As expected, the investment company was too good to be true; it was too much too fast, but what I didn't expect was for Toni's Grandmother to be DanBam's savior. Yi-Seo is like a rock, steadfast, never gives up, fighting to the end. I love her new approach to things.

The theme of this show continues to be about choices and consequences -- love turned into blind jealousy is toxic to the soul -- Guen-Soo can say he did what he did because of Yi-Seo noted, but, ultimately, it was his choice he chose to undercut a friend. All the crap about him not being able to stop himself or not wanting to stop, knowing that he would never have a chance with Yi Seo doesn't make much sense. But I guess jealousy is blinding.

Having Guen-Won back and the same time that DanBam goes global is so surreal with an underlining of the calm before the storm, waiting to explode finally. I don’t know what I expected, but nothing about Soo Ah changed; it’s strange, but I felt pity; for the lonely life choice for the first time. Everyone faces tragedies, trials, and obstacles; the way I see it, Soo Ah, the President, the two brothers are but products of their choices, not victims of their circumstances. I Loved Sae Royi'ss closing words, yes please live on. I did not want the episode to end, but alas, another great one!

I doubt Sae Royi suddenly realized he had feelings for Yi-Seo. I am sure he’s known for a very long time but only realized the depth of those feelings when he thought he might lose what means the most to him. He’s come to love her not by finding her perfect but by seeing an imperfection so very perfectly. I love Yi-Seo. She’s come a long way from where she started and is probably the most character developed.

I understand why Sae Royi held on to Soo Ah all this time, one’s first love is always the hardest to get over, but I think for the first time, he saw her for what she is and not what he made her be. Unfortunately, Soo Ah has no one but herself to blame for taking Sae for granted and for not recognizing to get love, you must give love. She wasted her life with the President, letting him use and control her the way he has all this time. Now that is truly sad. Love is true when it gives you the freedom to be the perfect reflection of your real self, doing perfectly all you’ve ever wanted to be.


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