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Itaewon Class - Episodes 15 & 16: The value of life

Oh My God, what a powerful and yet emotional ending to this wonderfully penned, directed, and acted drama. They definitely left the best for last. Life is indeed nothing but a series of choices followed by a series of consequences.

I loved how the writer narrated today's episode through Sea Royi's unconscious state of mind – a spiritual journey, connecting the past with the present, and even the future -- what was, could've been, and what it became – the value of life. A son connecting with the father who made him into the great human being he became. And what a personal and emotional journey it was of letting go of the pain, loss, and hatred for the future, for survival, for Yi-Seo – I loved every single moment of today's episode.

Yi-Seo's frank exchange with Geun-soo was what he needed to hear; in his bid to bring down Sea Royi, he lost what's most important, himself. I hope he takes what she said to mind. I can't say I was glad to see Soo Ah finally get the courage to regain control of her destiny, as it was all too little, too late. What I didn't understand, though, is how she let Sae-yo-RI and Danbam go through all that heartache when she had everything she needed to bring Jangaa down; it's all about choices, I guess.

History has a way of repeating itself as one's past does not exist independently from their present. I knew Guen-won (miserable idiot) would be the President's downfall, and he has nobody but himself to blame. In a way, the President was the one to bring down the company he valued even more than his kids by the choices he made -- all this for what to bring Sae Royi down on his knees; sadly, the true meaning and value of life is forever lost to the President. And what a dynamic confession of love to end the episode. I do not want this drama to end; just the thought of it makes me sad.

The strong prey on the weak, that's what the President believed his whole life, but he never once accounted to one day being the weak. Life is but a series of learned lessons, and if one pays close attention, they might be blessed enough to understand its power and the fact that every weakness contains within itself a strength. For me, the biggest takeaways from this drama are that one should focus on character, not reputation, and count their blessings rather than their misfortunes. In the end, revenge was a proper fuel to get Sae Royi to where he needed to get to, and once he got there, he understood it was time to let it go because revenge only makes wounds fester.

The value of life is in the people you choose to have around you. It is too short to waste on people who don't respect, appreciate, and value you. I enjoyed this drama greatly, with its subtle difference in or shades of meanings, expressions, and actions. Most importantly, I appreciated the writer, director, and actors for tackling sensitive matters such as racism, transgender, relationships, and love in all its forms. True love is to love with all of one's being -- provide support and love to that person through anything and everything. Love hard, with everything you've got. I also appreciate this drama for all the heated and passionate discussions and for helping me understand that the meaning of life may mean different things to different people. Still, we are all just trying to live to the best of our abilities.


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