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Itaewon Class -- Episodes 9 & 10: Lost the Battle but not the War

They say, the fear of being laughed at makes cowards of even the strongest of the strong.

Jang Dae Hee as a president of such a huge and successful corporation and restaurant chains such as Jangga bearing down on Sae Royi and a small pub-like Danbam to the extent that he buys the building, forcing them to move to a much quieter and less affluent neighborhood to disrupt and probably bankrupt Sae Royi was just petty. Because the harder he tried, the stronger Sea Royi got in his conviction, much to President's annoyance. Trying to pouch Yi Seo was pretty low, though. It made me wonder why he was going to such lengths, but then I realized it's the future that the President feared, not the present. Being the shrewd businessman he was, he understood left alone, Danbam and Sae Royi could rule Itaewon in a few years and overtake him -- the survival of the fittest.

Shrewd or not, if the President thought he could lure Yi Seo away with the promise of a bigger pay, he was sourly mistaken. I knew Yi-Seo would tell him off. I just wasn't sure how she would do it, and true to fashion, she was direct and to the point, making him realize he needs more than money or status to lure Sae Royi's people away. I wasn't at all surprised that the President didn't give up on Yi Seo, but I was pretty shocked that he decided to send Jang Geun Won as the one to persuade her. I wonder if he really thought Geun Won would succeed. Because not only does not but Yi Seo cleverly turns the table against him and records him confessing to the murder of Sae Royi's father. And that is the straw that breaks the camel's hump, so to speak.

Children are a reflection of their parents – no truer words were ever spoken. But with that said, I've always been curious how huge corporations and conglomerates in kdramaland built over many years can crumble in seconds because of the public, but I guess it's a cultural thing, and it is dramaland after all. That said, though, the son of the President confessing to murder is corporation breaking news, and with his company hanging in the balance, Jang Dae hee does what he does best. He chooses to save his company and abandon his son. Whatever Dae Hee was about, he was never about protecting his sons; the President couldn’t stand the fact that a nobody like Sae Royi dared to go against him. Geun-won is finally where he should’ve been, so I don’t feel bad for him. I do, however, pity him for having the President as a father. He was doomed from the very beginning.

If you've been following my review for Itaewon Class, you probably know already how much I love Yi-Seo. I continue to be in awe of her, and she continues to keep my interest. She wows at every turn, and it's hard not to notice her because, despite Sae Royi's long-time commitment to Soo-Ah, I would say what she does for him, and Danbam definitely made him notice her and not just as his manager but was a woman. Sae Royi always knew when it came to Jangga, the President would even abandon his son, but I don't think Soo-Ah realized what a monster the man she chose over her was, which doesn't really make sense because if she didn't realize he was a monster when he covered up Sae Royi's father's murder or tried time and time again to destroy Sae Royi at every turn with her help than she was more of a fool than I ever thought. What she decides to do from here on will determine who she truly is as a person. And despite winning the fight Sae Royi and the team lose the battle but not the war, and it's a full-on scale war now. No doubt about it.


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