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Lost -- Episode 6: Searching for Oneself

This drama slices right through one's core. It's story unfolds like a personal journey through the words of Boo Jung and Kang Jae, both deeply affected by each, even if for different reasons. Boo Jung and her husband's interactions this episode felt a little more human. I think this was the first time I saw them have an actual conversation. It seems like he's finally noticed something was different about her. I commend him for trying to articulate his co-worker's advice of putting into action words people typically consider, but never speak out loud, such as thank you, I am grateful for you or even I love you.

I am not sure when they both started to treat each other in a careless or indifferent manner, was it after the miscarriage and before the emotional affair, or did one happen as a result of the other, or did all happen concurrently; so many questions. It just feels like Jung Soo is always trying to compensate, and now more than ever since he's realized the changes in her. I am not sure if his concern is because he loves her, or something else, especially since he admitted to his mom he still has feelings for Kyung Eun. I guess this is why the experts say never to take one's partner for granted.

I couldn't stop thinking about the connection between Jung-Woo Kang Jae's friend and Boo Jung, especially since Seo Jong-Hoon (Ryoo Ji Hoon), his boss at the Akira Host Club said he failed at his assignment. But then as I watched Kang Jae strive to process his thoughts after finding out the connection, I realized Boo Jung and Jung-Woo had a suicide pact. And the suicide note confirmed it. Recognize that it was supposed to be Boo Jung with his friend, I can't even imagine what Kang Jae must have been thinking. I do, however, think it's what pushed him to offer his services to Boo Jung, not because he wants to get dirt on her like Jong-Hoon and Jung Ah Ran want, but because he wants to protect her.

Time and time again, this drama makes stop and contemplate life. We are all faced with daily choices and decisions that impact our time and ultimately our life. It is the small decisions we make day in and day out that determine who we really are. The crucial decisions may scream for attention, they are merely the result of all the small decisions we have made, or avoid making that may bring us to that point of no return. I think the crux of the issue with all the characters in this drama is lack of communication. I am willing to bet it's the main reason for the many misunderstandings, missed opportunities, unnecessary conflict, and mistrust. I love a drama that makes me think, and this one definitely does. I cannot wait to see what more Lost has in store for us. Watch episode 6 here.



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