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Lovers of the Red Sky -- Episodes 5 & 6 The Revelations of Maejukheon

Undoubtedly, Lovers of the Red Sky is beautifully made. It's majestic, even without the chaos and whirlwind of colors from red to smoky black to sparkling, shimmering dusty gold that both Ma Wang and Samshin bring to the screen. The cinematography and color palettes are mesmerizing. Aside from the fantastical aspect of the story, it's what keeps me coming back time and time again.

There are many reasons why I liked how the show delved more into the artistic side of things through the Maejukheon Art Competition, held by Prince Yangmyeong, to choose the most distinguished painter among all the talented artists in the nation based on skills, regardless of their status or class. When I first saw how things started to unfold, I assumed this development in the story was to bring to light Chun Ki's divine talent, and as it was, I guessed correctly. I, truly enjoyed the set of the Maejukheon Art Competition. It not only set up the reveal of Chun Ki as the divine artist, but also proved to Ha Ram that she was indeed that blind girl he met 19 years ago, and to her that Supervisor Ha was indeed Ha Ram.

I'd suspected for a while now that Chun Ki was probably the divine artist the King has been looking for to break the cycle of Ma Wang's demonic evil set free by the Grand Prince 19 years ago. And just like how Chun Ki's father trapped the evil in the former king's portrait to expel the evil, they would need Chun Ki to do the same now, but what does that mean for Chun Ki; if the past is evidence to the future, it would not end well for her unless the Samshin has another way of protecting her without sacrificing Ha Ram again.

As much as I love all aspects of this story, I miss the grand fights this show graced us on the first four episodes between good and evil, and I hope we get to see more of that, especially now that Chun Ki's divine talent is public knowledge. I get the sense the Grand Prince will surely get involved, knowing how much he wants the throne. It also explains why Chun Ki's father senses the darkness in him, since he let the evil out of the portrait. Aisde from all the beautiful paintings that moment where the devil's likeness appears around the Grand Prince was one of my favorite moments of this week's episodes.

Another reason I liked episodes five and six, besides the artistic side, is that the show sets aside court politics to focus more on Chun Ki and Ha Ram's reunion after 19 years. Even before they sensed they may have crossed each other's path, both were instantly smitten with the other for vastly different reasons. I love how the gathering beautifully unfolded Ha Ram and Chun Ki's fateful connection edged in the past, but coming alive in the present. I can't get over how beautiful the cinematography is with this drama. It's overwhelmingly breathtaking.

The moment both Ha Ram and Chun Ki recognized their younger selves was stunning. The emotions and care it evoked in them were wonderful to watch. But the shadow of Ma Wang continues to haunt them, and as it turns out, it isn’t the only deity around. I've had an inkling of a third deity for a while now, and I reckon it possesses the body of Eun-ho’s assistant, and is probably the god of balance between life and death, since that’s the only other god that’s been mentioned so far. Mawang is symbolized by black smoke and eyes, Samshin is gold and butterflies, and the god of balance would be glowing green, noting how the assistant’s eyes turned that color right as something possessed his body. I cannot wait to see how all these deities converge, but more how Ha Ram and Chun Ki defeat them. Watch episodes 5 & 6 Here



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