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Monthly Magazine Home -- Episodes 7 & 8: Home is Where the Heart Is

I very much liked how Ja Sung has seemed emotionally crippled in his interactions with Young-won, lashing out at her as a way of concealing how he truly feels for her. I'm sure it's more of him not knowing how to process his feelings instead of trying to be mean.

Ja Sung is clearly not as crude or detached as he comes off. On the contrary, he cares about what his team and especially Young Won think of him and has come to respect their views; if he didn't, he wouldn't have agreed to the free consultation. That's why this time around, their badmouthing hurt him more than it did the last time, as it made him feel like he was still very much an outsider to them.

We certainly see a change in Ja Sung this week, and it's one that completely stunned me. Not because of the change itself but because of the ease with which it happened. It only took Young Won temporarily living with him to realize home is not just an investment, but it's where the heart resides. For someone who has for the longest time believed that a home is just an investment and not a place of comfort, Young Won's easily persuaded him otherwise to the extent that he goes on a shopping spree to make her stay comfortable. If that doesn't scream love, I am not sure what else would. I always suspected that Ja Sung's frugal ways weren't a sign of greed but rather a psychological reaction to the poverty and difficulties he endured in his childhood. And the fact that he realized how much he valued having Young Won in his home rather than coming to an empty house made his confession seem much more endearing.

What I love most about this drama is how much fun it is; it always manages to make me laugh. I especially liked the bazaar scene where Young Won was all over Jang Chan chasing after the malicious commenter. The comedy and special message this drama brings make it so much fun to watch and, of course, Kim Ji Suk. I love it when Ja Sung says "stop" it's become his signature phrase. They say going on the attack is the best defense, and Ja Sung surely does stay on the attack. I think it's his unique way of saying he cares.

I was starting to believe Editor Nam's cutie pie was just a figment of his imagination. So, I wasn't prepared to see not only that she existed but that she was cheating on him and right when he finally won a subscription to the coveted home. I guess she took her girlfriend's advice seriously and moved on but forget to tell him. I believe things happen for a reason and sometimes one not getting what they want is a stroke of luck. What she lost, he gained. Hopefully, he realizes that soon enough. Watch Episodes 7 & 8 here.



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