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Mouse -- Episode 12: Coming to Terms with the Monster

I guess the Mouse production team was not lying when they said the drama and Ba Reum would get darker by the episode. That Ba Reum is in pain because he seemed to be losing control over himself more and more with each passing day was quite evident. I guess in this particular case; evil is winning over good.

I had hoped against hope that his good nature would win over Sung Yo Han’s psychopathic one, but rather than conflicted, he was overjoyed, but even with that said, I have no qualms whatsoever with what Ba Reum did to Kang Duk Soo, good riddance, that predator deserved it and more. Still, I’d rather he lay off the animals. I knew Ba Reum would’ve hurt Hoon Seok, but the aunt (Kang Mal Geum) seriously bothers me. Not only did Ba Reum not have any recollection of Hoon Seok but the grandmother living in Jeju island. And more so, the aunt lives at a different address so, is she hiding something, or does she fear him. It feels like it's the former.

Other than the aunt and Daniel Lee, the other person that truly bothers me is Detective Lee Min Soo (Kim Min Soo); he’s been acting suspiciously recently. First, despite Moo Chi’s urgent instructions to him to keep a close eye on Woo Hyung Chul, Lee Min Soo seemed to lose track of him purposely. The second time was when Go Moo Chi got locked up, Kang Duk Soo’s mother gave Shin Sang (Pyo Ji Hoon) an affidavit attesting to Go Moo Chi’s innocence to free him. Shin Sang handed the letter to Lee Min Soo to give to Moo Chi, and despite knowing what it was, he didn’t immediately come forward with it. Not only did Lee Min Soo not help free Moo Chi, but he silently watched as he frantically tried and managed to break himself out to check on Oh Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun). I think Lee Min Soo is working with Daniel Lee, but to what end, I am not sure.

At first, I was a little perplexed by Bong Yi’s reaction to Moo Chi at the hospital, but I quickly realized she wasn't scared of him but rather feared for him. At the same time, Choi Hong Joo and Moo Chi feared for her. But only Yu Na knows the truth. Yes, Ba Reum beat Kang Duk Soo to within an inch of his life, but others were complicit in his death as well, not that it matters. One thing Ba Reum fast this episode killing is easy; getting away with it now that’s an entirely different story. And if anyone were going to find him out, it would be Moo Chi. I doubt he does, though, because I think the DNA on the knife is Sung Yo Han’s rather than Ba Reum's. Watch Episode 12 here.


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