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Mouse -- Episode 2: Are Monsters Made or Born?

Goodness monsters everywhere you turn in this drama. Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win -- Stephen King. But are they made or are they born; now that is the question. Is Ahn Jae Wook as Han Seo Jun truly just playing a support role in this drama; whatever his role, boy, this man is ingenious as a psychopathic killer with far-reaching ties even in prison.

I like Lee Hee Joon as Ko Moo Chi. I can't believe I haven't watched him in anything before this. I am not like how he works, but I fully understand the pain, anger, guilt, and regret that drive him to have his one goal in life be to go to prison where his parent's killer is and kill him. I guess the only cure to his grief is him taking the actions he does. I just hope that he doesn't let himself become a monster in the process.

It's exhausting trying to play Sherlock Holmes; my head hurts; we have so many seemingly unsavory characters it's was hard to figure out who's good and who is bad. From Koo Dong Goo Jung Ba Reum's friend to Na Chi Kook, Ko Moo Won (I like the actor playing this role) Moo Chi's brother (interestingly, he's a prison priest), we also have Sung Yo Han, the apathetic doctor, I'm intrigued by him. Interestingly, the show wants us to think of either Yo Han or police officer Jung Ba Reum as the predator.

I knew the doctor was Seo Jun's son, and if he ends up being the predator killing all these people, I will have to say the people around him made him into the monster he became; they labeled him before he was even born. They never gave him a chance even to become other than that. Would that make Ba Reum the other child Daniel Lee identified with psychopathic traits; I love the suspense this drama creates. Great script with even greater actors what's not to love.



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