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Mr. Queen - Episode 1 -- The Secret Life of a King

I am was totally intrigued by Mr. Queen's first episode. Everyone who has ever read my drama comments knows I love Sagueks. Add to that a time transport sageuk, well my interest was piqued, indeed. I always find myself mesmerized by the beautiful colors, be it of the natural picturesque of the Joseon Dynasty period or its costumes. When I first read the premise, I was reminded of Rooftop Prince and Queen In Hyun's Man but with a twist in that a male chef from present-day transports into a Queen's body from the Joseon period -- Queen Cheiron. I thought to myself, hmmm, how will this work?

I am not sure how or what this drama has in store, but I am very interested, and watching the first episode has me invested in finding out how things pan out. I am excited to have Kim Jung Hyun back after his exciting role in Crash Landing on You, and in a sageuk drama nonetheless, I look forward to seeing how he tackles King Cheoljong. I will admit I am not a huge Shin Hye Sun fan, but she's so much fun in this that I find myself falling in love with her already.



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