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Sisyphus -- Episode 7: Survival of the Richest and the Greediest

I love Seo Hae's purity yet fierceness. I wondered when we'd see Sun from the restaurant again; it looks like he hit the lottery with the numbers Seo Hae gave him after all; I hope he's true, but even as I say that, I wouldn't be shocked if he's part of sigma. If there's one thing I've learned about this show is to trust no one.

I was surprised Seo Hae went to Broker Park for help, but it made sense. He's probably the only person other than her who might want Tae Sul alive and, despite seeming disorganized, is more competent than the Bureau for sure. I liked that she outsmarted him too. Despite that, Park is my favorite character in this drama besides Tae Sul; of course, I love his nerdiness.

Everything is slowly and emotionally falling into place. I, too, same as Seo Hae, wondered why Tae Sun would keep a document that could mean the life of the most important person to him where all those chasing him could so easily find it. I can only imagine how hard it must be for Tae Sun to be so close to the brother he cares for yet so far away.

I love that there are multi-layers to every character, from Seo Hae to Tae Sul, to Park and all the rest. No one is as simple as they first appear to be. They say people are the culmination of their choices, and they're accountable for them, but when their non-choices adversely affect other people, what does that make them, and can their excuse be they had no choice; I doubt it. Not choosing is also a choice itself. And now that we have a new worthwhile villain (Kim Byung Chul), I'm looking forward to seeing how Tae Sul, Seo Hae, Broker Park, and even the Bureau plan to take him/them on. I love, love the Stay with Me OST. Watch Episode 7 here.



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