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Stranger 2 -- Episodes 7 & 8: The Plot Thickens

There is dirt everywhere if one goes looking, and it seems like Dong Jae may have found more than his share, be it in the drowning incident, the Segok Police Station, or the Hanjo Group. One can't help but wonder if one or all of them had a hand in his disappearance, whichever or whoever it may be, they've done such a great job covering up their tracks that despite the police and both Shi Mok and Yeo Jin's efforts, finding him proves to be a challenge. Notwithstanding that, Shi Mok and the team look into all of Dong Jae's cases for a clue, leaving no stones unturned.

One cannot help but wonder whether Chief Choi or Prosecutor Woo Tae Ha has something to do with Dong Jae's disappearance. It's quite evident both are willing to get their hands dirty to move their agenda of prosecutorial autonomous investigative authority and, or police complete investigative authority. In my mind's eye, I have no doubt Woo Tae Ha's corrupt but at the same time; Chief Choi appears to be the thread that connects his corruption and hers.

I am deeply bothered about the phone call they exchanged; what was said; spooked Chief Choi to the extent that she goes behind Yeo Jin’s back to make a copy of Dong Jae’s call history. If she truly believed the prosecution wouldn't use Dong Jae to entrap the police, why didn't sneak behind Yeo Jin's back for the call history; unlike her, I wouldn't at all put it past Tae Ha to have done something to Dong Jae or at least use the situation to his advantage; we already know the Chief and Tae Ha are more than capable of creating a ruse to benefit their causes. I wish Yeo Jin didn’t believe or trust in the Chief as much as she does. She’s bound to get disappointed. I was so relieved to see Dong Jae alive, even for a brief second. As unruly as he can get, sometimes as endearing. Stranger as a show wouldn't be the same without it. Now, if the team could only find out who or what is behind his disappearance.

I thought Chief Choi was totting the line between good and evil and that Tae Ha was totally corrupt, but it seems they're both deep in the corruption. I got this inkling; they were in some relationship, and boy, was I right. I wonder if they were married?. They may seem like they are at each other’s throats to the outside world, but they’ve been somehow working together all along. This goes beyond corruption; this more like a cover-up. As the saying goes, they can run, but they can't hide forever. Sooner or later, Yeo Jin and Shi Mok are going to find them out. And here I thought Prosecutor Sa Hyun was the dirtiest of them all.

When I first saw Prosecutor Jung Min Ha, I thought something was up with her, the way she looked at Dong Jae back in the second episode. I figured she (or even his wife) knew something about DJ, but I now see why she's invested – are they in an affair, or is it something more sinister. Explains his wife’s behavior. At the beginning of the kidnapping, I suspected the Segok police officers, but after yesterday I had the Hanjo Group in my sights, but now I’m not sure. It’s crazy how everything and everyone is so convoluted and corrupt enough to have done something to DJ, or maybe he's the one doing something. The twists and turns with this season are mind-blowing. This writer does not cease to amaze, and neither does Yeo Jin and Shi Mok.


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