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Stranger 2 -- Episodes 9 & 10: No Shortage of Suspects

I seriously never thought I would think this, but I miss not having Dong Jae running around trying to get himself leveled up to anyone that would help his career. Without him, everything feels pretty heavy. I find myself wanting to scream, whoever took him, cut it out, bring him back.

Things are getting so complicated. Chief Choi, Hanjo Group, and Woo Tae Ha looked even more dubious than they have in the past last week, especially Tae Ha. He’s involved in what happened to the Former Prosecutor, Gwang Soo, somehow. It's quite clear that Yeon Jae knows the details of what happened, even if she wasn’t the Hanjo Group CEO at the time it happened. At least I don’t think she was, and it’s obvious she thinks that Chief Choi connected somehow, and she is, it seems. But the worst part is that even Dong Jae's wife is acting suspiciously now. It feels like she’s hiding something. Could she be having an affair, or are they separated, and that's what she's keeping from the police; it's quite nerve-wracking to think everyone is a suspect, but it's only normal to find everybody suspicious in the face of such lacking evidence; the possibilities are endless. Plenty of other suspects out there too.

I love Shi Mok's power of deduction, and now that he knows about the former prosecutor's suspicious death and Dong Jae's interest in the case, maybe he can get some answers. When they showed Yeo Jin doing that flashback about Dong Jae, my heart dropped. It felt like a goodbye. This week's episodes confirmed Chief Choi and Tae Ha are involved in all the cases in one way or another. And despite Choi's best efforts, the kidnapper may be a cop, or at least someone wants everyone to think the police are involved. And the more I think of it, the more it points to Woo Tae Ha's involvement as the prosecution gains the most by having the police be involved in such a scandal. They would win the investigative authority fight if Dong Jae were found dead and the police had something to do with it.

So, now I am quite interested in this witness that's come forward claiming he saw a cop kidnap Dong Jae. It feels fake. If the police are involved, why is Woo Tae Ha acting so suspicious to the extent that even his second in command is skeptical about him; I get the sense Dong Jae's kidnapping is personal. It will be the act that outs the corruption within the police and the prosecution. As they say, cunning leads to deception. It is but a step from one to the other and one that's very slippery. Only lying makes the difference; add that to cunning, and it is deception.


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