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The Good Detective -- Episodes 1, 2, & 3: Lies and Hidden Truths

They say strengths lie in differences, not similarities, and that is precisely what Kang Do-Chang (Son Hyun Joo) a detective with 15 plus years of experience which investigates cases using his experience and personal connections, forgoing scientific technique or reasoning power, and Oh Ji Hyuk (Jang Seung Jo) an elite detective, with 9 years of experience but unlike Kang Do-Chang, investigates cases using evidence and insight into the criminal's psyche.

And it's these differences in our lead characters piqued my interest and, of course, the fact that this drama tells the stories of those who try to hide ugly truths and those who uncover the truths with fantastic actors and in intelligent storytelling. I am totally enjoying Oh Ji Hyuk's detecting techniques, but more than anything, his resolve, and commitment to ensuring that justice is blind as long as it isn’t deaf.

I was partially right that thinking Missionary Park Geon Ho (Lee Hyun Wook) made up the whole story with Lee Dae Chul's (Jo Jae Yoon) daughter Lee Eun Hye (Lee Ha Eun) to bring attention to the injustice committed by Lee Dae Chul again. It feels like everybody within the justice system worked together, from the detectives to the prosecution and even the judge. They all conspired to put an innocent man in prison. As they say, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. I mean, even detectives Kang Do Chang (Son Hyun Joo) and Yoon Sang Mi (Shin Dong Mi) knew; even now superintendent Moon Sang Beom (Son Jong Hak) fabricated the knife evidence, and all to protect themselves at prince of another human beings life and the life of his family. Add to the mix is Team Lead Nam Kook Hyun (Yang Hyun Min), is corrupt. I get the sense he was involved in the investigator's death, the one Lee was convicted of killing. I also think the investigator’s wife is on it somehow. Everything points to a major conspiracy with multiple moving parties working hard to protect their interests without regard to the lives they continue to destroy along the way these many years later.

They say the enemy of the truth is blind acceptance; in that sense, Sang Beom, Team Lead Woo Bong Shik (Lee Hee Bong), Do Chang, and the rest disgust me for knowing and seeing the truth but still choosing to believe the lies. It's the reason why I find Ji Hyuk and somewhat Report Jin Seo Kyung (Lee Elijah) such a breath of fresh air for recognizing that the truth will always be the truth, even if no one believes it.

I admire Seo Kyung's passionate commitment to the truth and for understanding that a lie is just a lie, even if everyone chooses to believe it. I think the worst part is that the complacent yet very complicated Do Chang, despite knowing he couldn't hide from the truth forever continued in the path of pretense and ignorance. It seems like he will only understand the damage he’s done until the same happens to him. And it’s only a matter of time before that does happen because one can surely run from the truth, but they can never hide from it. It has a way of eventually catch up to you.

That said, nothing is as simple as it seems with this drama; everybody has their own motives for wanting to reveal or cover up the truth. And creepy Oh Jong Tae (Oh Jung Se) along with Kim Gi Tae (Son Byung Ho) and his associate Jo Sung Dae (Jo Jae Ryong) most of all are no doubt right in the middle of it. There are so many lies and secrets that it almost feels like a losing battle. Of all the characters, Ji Hyuk interests me the most. He seems to be carrying a heavy load that is deeply rooted in his childhood. Whatever it is, I hope he doesn't let it distract him from seeking truths because despite coming off as aloof and unsympathetic, he definitely cares about -- justice.


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