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The Good Detective -- Episodes 4, 5, & 6: Each Betrayal Begins with Trust

Trust is earned; I don’t blame Lee’s daughter for not trusting the police; I cannot even imagine the life she’s had to live. However, I do commend Do Chang for not giving up on the truth, Dae Chul, or his daughter now that he understands the damage he’s done by blindly accepting someone else’s version of the truth.

I wonder when Seo Kyung will realize Jung Seok and the future Minister of Justice are not looking to reveal the truth but manipulate it. I am deeply bothered that Kim Gi Tae would want Park Gun-Ho dead, but even so, with the fact that Team Lead Nam goes to the lengths that he does go to cover it up. What's even more perplexing is Gi Tae going out of his way to confirm Lee Dae Cheol's innocence to Seo Kyung e since he played a part in his conviction. It all smells fishy. There is nothing worse than a public servant that manipulates the truth to cover up their own incompetence.

Investigator Sang Mi trying to pressure Do Chang into dropping the investigation into Lee Dae Chul's case was shameless, especially since she works at the Internal Affairs Division. She, of all people, is more than aware of his innocence, and even if she doubted it, the fact that the knife was a plant should have been enough for her to speak up. It is so true when they say the tragedy of ignorance is its complacency. It's hard to imagine Ji Hyuk and Jong Tae as family. There is something very wrong with Jong Tae. There are many missing pieces to this puzzle, and Jong Tae is just one piece of that puzzle with Yoo Jung Seok Seo Kyung's boss and the head of Junghan Daily, also seems to be a feature in this puzzle's Dae Chul.

Yoo Jung Seok's reaction when Seo Kyung brought up Dae Chul's case in the daily meeting spoke volumes. But I guess the main question here is who is the puppet and the puppeteer; a twisted mystery indeed. That said, kudos to Jo Jae Yoon (Dae Chul) for his excellent character portrayal. He had me in tears. Ji Hyuk, on the other hand, is carrying a lot of hurt from his past; witnessing his father's murder and losing his mother to depression is not an easy thing to live with at any age, let alone as young as he was, and he still lives with it.

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from one’s enemies -- it’s interesting how Sang Mi has to pretend Do Chang is corrupt, so she doesn’t feel guilty for taking him down to save herself. At the same breath, if it weren’t sad, it would be amusing how Do Chang and Ji Hyuk have to play cat and mouse with the Chief to do their jobs. I will give it to them, though; their plan was brilliant. Maze chasing the gangsters was my favorite part; I laughed so hard; I appreciated the scene’s lightness to the drama’s underlying darkness. I so enjoy a twist.

I love Detective Jae Hong most for understanding loyalty is the people who stay true to you, even behind your back. I so hoped he would tell Do Chang about Sang Mi’s threats. So, it was quite exhilarating to see that he did, turning the table on her. As much as I feel bad for Do Chang’s sister, I’m starting to find it hard to continue to sympathize with her. She doesn’t try to be the change she needs and is quite annoying (kudos to the actress). The Yoo brothers baffle me; they continue to be a mystery; what are they playing at; I wonder if they should be on Do Chang and Ji Hyuk's suspect list, right there with Nam Gook Hyun, Jo Sung Dae, and Oh Jong Tae. I am so liking this ride and think the real detecting begins now.


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