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World of the Married -- Episodes 2: The Betrayal

As I watched episode two, I found myself for the first time uncontrollably violent as Sun Woo witnessed her husband and so-called friend's betrayal unfold in front of her eyes. I truly just wanted her to stab the hell out of all of them but him most of all. I am glad she didn't, but I wanted it so badly, I won't lie. Not only did the friends know Tae Ho was cheating, but they participated in the cover-up. If those friends I'm scared to think what her enemies would do have done to her. I must say Sun Woo is such a strong person to stand tall in the face of such adversity surrounded by such vultures and pretend like you know nothing takes strength of not just body but mind. She blows me away.

Can one really love two people simultaneously, maybe they can, but I doubt they can be in love with two people at the same time; Tae Ho needs to cut the bullshit with that excuse. There is nothing worse than cheating, but lying about it is a thousand times worse than owing it. What a coward. I cannot for the life of me understand cheating, and I don't care what or why; there is no excuse for it whatsoever. Not only is this husband a cheater, but he is a thief. And as much as I wanted Sun Woo to throw him out, I understood her stance and the measures she took to have him choose her. In that sense, I cannot fault her for still loving him, but he's not worthy at all, which makes watching her, make the choices she's makes that much harder. My heart breaks for her.

I couldn't for the life of me appreciate the husband; nothing about him seemed appealing. Not the way he talked, walked, or even said Sun Woo's name. For him to shamelessly live a double life and have Sun Woo fund it, now that is despicable. And Sun Woo's neighborhood was even worse, they all creep me out, I don't like any of them. I think the mistress's parents know about the two of them. But the worst was his mom, I couldn't believe that lady had the nerve to tell Sun Woo to forgive him, why; because he's her son, but not only that; she had the nerve to blame her for her son's pathetic life, seriously, how shameless. As precious as her son is to her, so is Sun Woo to her parents, like come on. Even her son disappointed me, I understand him not wanting his parents to divorce but how about his mom, how could he not think of her?. From my perspective, I can't see how a spouse can move on from cheating, forgive, forget, and continue living as if nothing happened -- once trust is broken, can it be healed? The hardest part for me has to put up with the husband; if I feel this way, I can only imagine how Sun Woo feels.


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