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Vincenzo -- Episodes 13 & 14: Jipuragi vs. Babel and Wusang

I continue to enjoy Vincenzo for always upping the anty with its storytelling, acting, and, of course, directing. And what I enjoyed most is seeing Babel and Wusang running out of options at every turn.

On the one side, they have Vincenzo and Jipuragi to contend with, and the other is the mutiny that's gaining momentum helmed by Han Seo and Attorney Han. I would not be shocked to know Joon Woo is already aware of this despite the distractions of late; he always seems to read his brother like an open book as Myung Hee reads Attorney Han. I expected Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon), I love him in this role, to try and band with Vincenzo and team -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. And he does, but what made their exchange even more impactful was Vincenzo's refusal to take advantage of Han Seo's and Joon Woo's fractured relationship, as he said, nothing worse than family betrayal. It depicted the vast appreciation of what family really means.

I really wasn't sure how Vincenzo would deal with Young Won's betrayal. I have to say he went a lot easier on him than I expected, but I guess the friendship they have meant a lot more to Vincenzo than all the gold in the world, not that I think Young Woon was after the gold anyways. He seemed more interested in the G file. If I was Vincenzo, I'm not sure I would trust him again. I hope Vincenzo doesn't regret giving him another chance now that we see Young Woon working with Prosecutor Jung In Guk; I am glad it wasn't Babel or Wusang, one of my biggest fears I doubt that would have been a forgivable offense for Vincenzo.

I loved how unprepared both Myung Hee and Joon Woo were of Vincenzo's antics; not only does he publicly humiliate Joon Woo in his first outing as Chairman but also airs out an incriminating video for the media and shareholders but as the one proof needed for the dogged prosecutor to haul them in for interrogation if not detention. If Vincenzo's end game was to rattle them, he definitely succeeded. Because I'm sure, both he and Cha Young already knew it wouldn't be enough to get them arrested and locked up forever. That said, though, I doubt Joon Won and Myung Hee will go down without a fight.

The Plaza and its residents, including CEO Park and his team (I adore their ridiculous ballon getaway business idea) time and time continue to remind me why I love them so much. Not only are they a group of people with amazing talent, but they are the true depiction of the word "team-players." Their individual commitment to their group despite their differing motivations, now that's what makes them a team. But what I even love most about them is their creativity at every approach, be it as planned or otherwise.

The gallery scene with Jang Yeon Jin (Seo Ye Hwa), and Kwak Hee-Soo (Lee Hang Na), what amazing talents these ladies are, was just captivating as it was extremely funny. I enjoyed everything from their outfits to their dialogue and execution. I loved them even more than I did the scenes with Vincenzo and Cha Young. As dark as Vincenzo can get, it's great seeing him with such expected blind spots, be it for the Plaza and its tenants or even Young Woon; it makes him so much more human than what one would expect of a typical Mafia consigliere.



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