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World of the Married -- Episodes 11 & 12: Choices

I need a tall drink; this episode was just too much to handle. I will not lie; I was happy to see an end to Hyun Seo’s demented ex-boyfriend but was he pushed, or did he commit suicide; now that's the question. If I were to guess, I’d say he committed suicide, but it seems everybody else, Da Kyung, her parents, doctor-love, Hyun Seo, think Tae Oh killed him. Dead or alive Park In Gyu continues to wreak havoc in everybody’s life.

Ironically, Sun Woo was the only one to think otherwise, despite Tae Oh believing she may have been the one to kill him. If I ever doubted Sun Woo’s character, not that I did, I would say what she did today was beyond extraordinary. The best guide to a person’s real character is treating those who mean them harm and how they treat those who can’t fight back.

As much as I detest Tae Oh, no one, not even him, deserved to be abandoned in their time of need by those closest to them. That his wife and her father didn’t understand the impact their inaction would have on the daughter/granddaughter was crushing – I felt my soul slowly lose all hope. Tae Oh was free to make any choice he wanted, but he made the choices he did and should now bear the consequences. Not to rejoice, but I was glad to see Da Kyung living a tortured life. Neither her, her husband, nor her family deserved to live in peace. As for Hyun Seo, she should have trusted Sun Woo. She's never failed her, but I do agree with her Sun Woo needs to free herself.

Of everybody in this story, Yi Rem seemed like the character with the most development. I was impressed and surprised by her swift actions in divorcing Son Je Hyuk. Despite their differences, she understood the hefty price of divorce. I applaud her for that and for standing up for those vultures that call themselves women. I was also thoroughly touched by Sun Woo’s reaction to Yi Rem’s divorce news. I wish Sun Woo would sever all ties with that devil Myung Sook; she is not trustworthy and deserves the treatment the director has been dishing her way.

I understood Hyun Seo taking matters into her own hands, but I wish she had trusted Sun Woo. She has always been by her side. The way I see it, the Chairman will probably be the cause of his precious daughter’s unhappiness. The depth of lowness some can reach goes beyond imagination. Da Kyung using a child to gain favor with her husband and push Sun Woo out of town was not just low; it was repugnant. If I hated her before, I now loathe her and her disgusting family.

That said, people are a culmination of their choices, and until a person can sincerely and honestly say they are how they are because of the choices they made, they can never choose differently -- can love really turn this destructive; I guess from the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate. The Chairman must think he is the only father to love his child. The only one willing to do whatever it takes for his daughter’s happiness. I find him repulsive. Luckily Sun Woo has doctor-love to protect her; he is probably the only person in that pit of a town looking out for her.


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