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World of the Married -- Episodes 9 & 10: Tae Oh is as dislikable as Sun Woo is unpredictable

I continue to say this even at the expense that I may sound like a broken record. I am in awe of The World of the Married. Sun Woo is explosive every time, even in her subtle ways. I like that she doesn’t hold back, and as much as Da Kyung might not want to believe her, she knows as the day is light, Sun Woo tells the truth about her husband's obsession for her.

Joon Young, though, I've tried time and time again to understand him or more so find excuses for his behavior, but he continues to be so very angry. It's like he hates himself more than anyone else. He is okay with the idea that his father has a completely new life but doesn’t want his mom to have one; his destructive behavior towards his mother and school is bound to catch up with him sooner or later.

A storm is coming that none of them will be able to escape if he's not helped. I've come to see that Tae Oh’s problem is that he thinks he's smarter than Sun Woo. Whatever deal Sun Woo makes with the Director at work reinforces her as she strikes first at Tae Oh and Myung Soo’s plans to have her ousted at work rendering any move obsolete, at least for the time being. If I had it my way, I would really prefer it if Myung Soo was fired. I want her gone; I really cannot stomach her anymore. Who needs enemies with friends like her. When one plays with fire, they should expect to get burned. Selfish Tae Oh plays with fire, and it turns against him, threatening to engulf the son he says he so desperately wants back, but sadly it also endangers everybody else as well.

I desperately felt for Hyun Seo. She was back right where she left off two years ago with her crazy ex-boyfriend right at her doorstep. Everything is so twisted, and I believe the seed of doubt was probably already there for Da Kyung, even before Sun Woo or Ye Rim said anything. But now it’s here to stay, and now and then will continue to send out a little root that painstakingly changes everything, making the life she stole to be with Tae Oh a living hell. It is true when they say love is an obsessive delusion cured by marriage but destroyed by infidelity. Finally, getting background on how doctor love meets Sun Woo’s son and Da Kyung’s father and contrary to what the show wanted us to believe, doctor love was never a spy and may truly care for Soo Woo, but only time will tell.

They say one can never fix oneself by breaking someone else, but it's not something Da Kyung is willing to understand. She seems to think happiness isn’t getting what one wants, and on the other, it’s wanting what one already has but not knowing they already do -- how ironic. As expected, Tae Oh sets Son Je Hyuk for having slept with his wife. And I must say he set him up pretty good and deservedly so; he is scum, but then it takes one to know one. But rather than being shocked in finding out Je Hyuk has been cheating on Ye Rim throughout their marriage, it was her reaction that shocked me. I guess she was okay with turning a blind eye to his philandering ways as long as she didn’t witness it. As they say, a fool can turn a blind eye as long as they don’t know what the ostrich sees underground.

I find I am always stomped by those who are incapable of seeing beyond their own world. And more so by the choices, people make in the name of love, be it doctor love or Yeo Byung Gyu (Lee Kyung Young), Da Kyung’s father. He used his power to declare war on Sun Woo in his bid to protect his daughter from her own stupidity but, in the process, forgot that Sun Woo is a mother, a defender, a tigress, and a warrior and that there was nothing she won’t do to protect her child. To say I love Sun Woo is an understatement -- what I love most about her are her loyalty and commitment to her son, her friends, and her beliefs.


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