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World of the Married -- Episodes 7 & 8: Never Ending Obsession

This show gives me goosebumps. After two years of peace and so much good done, as soon as Lee Tae Oh and his mistress, well now wife, and a daughter are back in two, Sun Woo is bounced back into her obsessive ways. And it becomes evident by the end that the husband, rather than learn from his mistakes, is encouraged by his obsessiveness to add to an already hazardous situation. Despite choosing the mistress over his son, he'd decided, and I am sure the sole purpose was to make Sun Woo miserable that he wanted to spend time with his son. And in my biased towards Sun Woo's plight, I felt both furious and tense at the prospect that Sun Woo was being pulled back to her own bitterness all over again. By God, why can't they leave her be to live her life in peace with her son?

Now more than ever, I want Sun Woo to win and stay winning. And despite everything Sun Woo had done to keep her son, I was really disappointed in his behavior, but at the same time, I felt for him as he was the collateral damage left behind. I hated seeing Sun Woo showing up to the welcome back party Lee Tae Oh's wife's family threw for them, trying to snoop and getting caught by "him" nonetheless. I guess it was better she got caught by him rather than the wife. Two years on, Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh were still desperate about each other to the extent that all they wanted was to get a rise out of each other. It's true when they say no one can hate you with more intensity than someone who used to love you.

I wasn't at all surprised to know Lee Oh Tae was behind the stalking of his ex-wife or that Hyun Seo’s ex-boyfriend was involved and all with the intent of trying to make Sun Woo's home seem unsafe for his son, rattle and frighten her into losing her calm to have her declared unfit. Full custody of the son that's really what he was after and, in the process, her demise. So, in that sense, I thought it only natural that Sun Woo was outraged that her evil ex-husband's return causes friction and turn her son against her. After everything she’s done, my heart broke for her son chose to move in with his dad. I am glad, though, that her son is in counseling and under the doctor's love’s care no less. He definitely needed the help, talk through his anxiety, and hopefully, he's delinquent behavioral issues as well.

On top of everything going on, Sun Woo had to also deal with the town of doom she lived in, filled with evil twisted beings. Be it Je Hyuk, he’s disgusting, and his wife Go Ye Rim (Park Sun Young), they truly deserve each other, or Myung Sook (Chae Gook Hee), the evil witch, I cannot stand her. And, of course, there is the greedy Director Gong Ji Chul (Jung Jae Sung), Sun Woo's boss at the Family Love Hospital and his unpleasant wife; and let’s not forget Do Chul's wife (Yoon In Jo) Sun Woo's lawyer (Kwon Hyuk). They all seem to want Sun Woo’s ruin and for no apparent reason other than her strength and bravery remind them of their weakness. Thank God Sun Woo has a powerful ally in Chairman Choi’s wife (Seo Yi Sook) and a friend in Hyun Seo. And, of course, there's Da Kyung, who is beyond unscrupulous. There's nothing about her that's genuine, even her half-hearted apologies to her stepson, which only does to impress her husband, never once tried to apologize to the one person who deserves it the most, Joon Young. She's even more twisted than her husband.

And sowing the seeds of doubt is all it takes to bring that marriage and mansion crumbling down, and Sun Woo does exactly that. I love Sun Woo. She's my hero and beyond fierce and deserving of happiness. To that end, I hope she can see how important a friend's doctor's love is to her – I am falling in love with him, and I hope she does as well -- it will be good for her. Today's ending scene was first-rate -- this good for nothing town has messed with the wrong vixen, and she’s coming for all of them—God, how I would love to see her gun them all down. The World of the Married is most definitely full of broken people. And the clever writer knows how to keep us hanging on. I am both profoundly depressed by Sun Woo's renewed obsession with revenge but, at the same time, rubbing my hands with anticipation as to what's to come. This time the husband threw the first stone, literally.


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