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Beyond Evil -- Episode 10: The Powers That Be

I knew Manyang would change Joo Woo, as they say when in Rome do as the Romans do. I figured he was the one that sent Yeo Jin the threatening message and trapped Chief Nam to flash out the real culprit or whom he thinks is the real culprit. That Joo Woo is getting the hang of the game is indisputable, but he's still not as good at it as Dong Shik. As they say, when you play with fire, you better be ready to get burnt, and I'm not sure Joo Won is ready for what his game will reveal to him about his father more than anyone else.

I am sad to see Chief Nam leave us, but I guess it was bound to happen. But I am still puzzled by him, what he was covering/protecting, who he was meeting, and what is this his damn town hiding. It's like evil grows in it every time one thinks they've gotten rid of it; it crawls back to the surface. The way I see it, this only means the source of all of Manyang's problems lives among its residents, and whoever it may be, it's a lot closer to them than they may realize.

Kang Jin Mook wasn't lying about Yu Yeon; he wasn't the one. I think Park knows deep down in his subconscious who did, but even with that, it feels like there's something much bigger at play here. I keep coming back to who has the most to lose if everything happening at Manyang becomes public. It always leads back to Joo Won's father, the construction guy, and the Congresswoman, and it's something they put in motion 20 years ago. I find the Congresswoman as Park Jung Je's mother particularly uncomfortable. I understand wanting to protect one's son, but she goes beyond a mother protecting a son; something about her isn't right. I'm no longer sure who is doing what and why but one thing is for sure no one is completely good in that town. Not Dong Shik, Joo Won, Park, or even Yeo Jin. They're all willing to get their hands dirty for the truth. I'm just not sure they are prepared for it. Watch Episode 10 here.



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