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Island - Episodes 3 & 4: The Priest, the Savior and the Anti-Hero

Fighting evil with evil in the multiverse of madness is an intriguing concept that works beautifully for Island. Many say there are no secular superheroes, but I beg to differ. Van is not only a superhero but also an antihero that turns into a superhero as penance for the guilt he has carried around for decades, if not centuries.

I love how the story explores Johan's godly superpower in a charming, playful manner, to the extent of arrogance at times versus Van's darker volcanic-like demonic power, and how it tries to balance, if not pitch, the idea of good and evil working together, for a higher cause. In a way, it instills the thought that some evil is necessary to prevent something worse. However, a necessary evil, by definition, has good qualities, and it's those good qualities that are valuable, and that's where Van comes powers come into play. I also like the humor pepper sprayed throughout; it does wonders to lighten the ever so prevlant darkness.

Only a superhero can defeat or at least attempt to defeat a villain with powers that transcend the material world and impact the layman's commitment to make the world a better or darker place. The battle of good versus evil is so deeply entrenched in the secular world. It aligns so closely with the story of God, of a super order or covenant that equips and empowers everyday humans to fight against the dark forces that engulf the world through murders, mass killings, kidnapping, stealing, lying, genocide, and so much more. And it's only from these actions that characters with superpowers such as Johan the priest, Min Ho, the savior of mankind, and Van the antihero fighting his own kind to save, the world, are born.

As Socrates believed, no one does wrong voluntarily and that evil results from ignorance. So do I, and more to that, I think when people do a bad thing in the name of good and think that the sacrifice of the few in the name of saving many is justified, that is what bores evil. The minute Leader Jong Ryeong thought that weaponizing Van, Goong Tan, and the other children to fight the lustful demons was justified, he unleashed an even greater evil upon the multiverse by turning innocence into all-encompassing hate and need for revenge. Maybe not in Van, but definitely in Goong Tan. It is true that good must triumph. However, the method by which evil is fought matters a lot, which is what we will see in Goong Tan.

I think of all the super beings, Won Jeong aka Won Mi Ho remains the hidden card, as we've only gotten to see her as a somewhat damsel in distress who can handle herself if needed, and this is probably a rise to her former self. One can easily see the great power she holds bubbles to the surface with every demon or evil deed she faces. In that sense, I cannot wait to see a glimpse of the past dynamics between Goong Tan, Van, and Won Mi Ho, as I get the sense that there was so much more to them as a trio than meets the eye. But also understand what made Goong Tan let the demon overtake him. Was it just how he was treated as a child, or is there more to his story? And does history repeat itself with Van and Won Mi Ho, or is this the beginning of what's to come; I can't wait for the answers to unfold. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here.



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