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Beyond Evil -- Episode 12: A Fate Worse than Death

Without a doubt, this week's episodes were the best of the series. It's brilliant how everything unfolded yet so very twisted at the same time. I loved how everything came together in this episode, the way the whole Manyang Substation converged to get to Yu Yeon's truth and especially Joo Won, Ji Hwa, and Dong Shik. It's crazy how many people were involved in covering up the truth. They say it isn't the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble - it's the attempted cover-up.

I knew the ones with the most to lose in this drama, Han Ki Hwan, Councilwoman Do, and Lee Chang Jin, would be the real culprits. All three had cruel streaks; it was in how they carried themselves.

So, I was not at all shocked to see that they were involved in Yu Yeon's cover-up and death. I was, however, mortified by Jung Je's mom. Her toxic love for her son destroyed him in more ways than one. The minute she suspected him of being a murderer and eventually a serial killer and decided her son's life was more precious than someone else innocent and precious son, she completely and utterly crushed him.

They say trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved; is that why Dong Shik trusted Jung Je so much because he knew how much he loved him and loved Yu Yeon; it almost feels like Dong Shik knew who killed his sister, he didn't have a way to prove it. It's crazy how Joo Won ended up in Manyang to investigate Dong Shik when his father was the one that's wronged him the most. What twisted fate; they say there is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.

I'm just glad it wasn't Jung Je that was involved with Yu Yeon's death. I knew it wasn't him. I don't think I could've taken it if he were. Now I cannot wait to see how Jung Je, Joo Won, and Dong Shik bring Lee Chang Jin, Councilwoman Do, and the Chief of the National Police Agency Han Ki Hwan down. This drama was so good when it started, but now it's turned absolutely brilliant.



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