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Beyond Evil -- Episode 16 (Finale): Beyond Well Done

Beyond Evil is one of the better psychological dramas I have watched in a very long time. And the best part was that it built momentum and got even better as it progressed. Kudos to the scriptwriter, the director, all the actors and especially Choi Dae Hoon (Park Jung Je), Choi Sung Eun (Yoo Jae Yi), Kim Shin Rok (Oh Ji Hwa), Heo Sung Tae (Lee Chang-Jin), Choi Jin Ho (Han Ki Hwan as Joo Won's father), Kil Hae Yeon (Do Hae Won, Munju City's Councilwoman and Park Jung Je's); Lee Kyu Hoe (Kang Jin Mook, the twisted serial killer), Chun Ho Jin (Nam Sang Bae, Manyang Police Chief), and all the other cast members for a job well done.

Each character left a great mark in their role and helped make Beyond Evil the great drama that it became. I said this in my last post, and I say again what I love most about Shin Ha Kyun, and Yeo Jin Goo in Dong Shik and Han Joo Won's roles were their purposes and unwavering and binding commitment to doing the right no matter its consequences. And I think it’s that resolve and commitment that drew both Joo Won and Dong Shik together despite their differing approach. The build-up to their relationship through its ups and downs and what each had to endure is what’s made this drama the best at its genre and especially how it evolved, twisting and turning with the plot to reach its climax at the end.

Both Dong Shik and Joo Won's character development and growth were captivating to watch throughout the drama. They went from hating each other to having complete trust in one another as they each laid their lives for the other, and in the process, learned the toughest lessons from each other. That punishment is not for revenge but to lessen crime and reform the criminal and that children are not responsible for their parent's actions. Their bond at the end of the episode left me in tears.

I love a drama with a message, and this one's huge in it that out of adversity comes opportunity and sometimes the best of relationships and that one must stand up to the truth no matter who steps on it. Beyond Evil is beyond well done and is one drama worthy of the watch repeatedly -- a perfect ten, accompanied with an even perfect soundtrack as well!

Watch the drama here.

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