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Beyond Evil -- Episode 5: Narrowing The Pool

There's nothing worse than parents who can be everything to everybody except a true parent to their own children. Both Joo Won and Park's parents are heartless and, on top of that, self-centered. Add to the mix a manipulative CEO of a Construction company who only cares about padding his own pockets with the rouse of redeveloping a city plagued with far more concerning serial murders over redevelopment.

But what was worse was Joo Won's father's decision to throw his son under the bus on national tv. That did not surprise me at all, but I was still disgusted by his actions. He's proved time and time again all he cares about is becoming the next Chief of the National Police Agency.

The secrets in this rural town drive me up the wall, and despite having clarity on some issues, the residents of this town remain as suspicious as ever. And as concerned as I was about what seemed like Oh Ji Hoon's betrayal of Dong Shik as excited to find out rather than betray, he was protecting him from the potential killer, the last person seen with Min Jung, Park Dong Shik's best friend.

That said, I do not believe Park is the killer; yes, he seems to be the last person to be seen with Min Jung, but I still do not believe he's the serial killer, a copy-killer, or a killer of any kind. I stand by my original suspicions that the killer is much closer to Dong Shik may think, someone he would never suspect, and that's the scariest part.

I like the new shift in Joo Won and Dong Shik's relationship; they've gone from being 100% adversary to reluctantly having each other's back. I loved that Dong Shik and the police station as a whole defended and beautifully manipulated the reporter, who seemed fixated on disparaging Joo Won and their substation. But my favorite moment was Joo Won backing up Dong Shik from the manipulative Lee Chang Jin, CEO of JL Construction, and Munju City Congresswoman Do Hae Won, Park's mom. Despite Dong Shik warning him not to get involved, which, of course, got him in even more trouble with his father. I love that Joo Won doesn't let that bother him much. Watch Episode 5 here.



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