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Beyond Evil -- Episode 9: If You Can't Beat Them Join Them

What do they say; if you can’t beat them, join them; I like this new side of Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo is terrific); it’s like he finally realized that he couldn’t be doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result, at least not in Manyang and not with Dong Shik. So, I guess Joo Won decided to join the game.

I like that he doesn’t let his father have a hold on him. He allows him to think he may, but he’s the one with the control all the while. But I still find his holier than mighty attitude annoying. He may think he’s different than Dong Shik, but he’s not. Their approach may differ, but in reality, they are so similar it’s uncanny. I didn't expect Yu Yeon to be alive, but I also didn’t imagine her to have been right there with Dong Shik this whole time, but then neither did he.

Even in death, Kang Jin Mook continues to haunt Manyang and its people but was he just a psychopath with an impulse to kill, or was he trained and groomed to do so. I cannot shake the feeling that he didn’t do his work alone, that he a tool, an extension for someone else with the same urges. I don’t want Chief Nam to be one of the bad guys, but I think he’s the Congresswoman and Joo Won’s father’s insider, but I doubt very much he aided Kang Jin Mook in his suicide but if it's not him who could it be; the possibilities are endless.

What makes this drama stand out is that none of the characters are superheroes, not in that mainstream sense. It makes them feel so real. They are all willing to tote the line of immorality for each other in more ways than one. And that’s the one thing Joo Won has learned being in that town. I find most of the actors refreshingly good each in their role. Still, I will be remiss not to mention Choi Dae Hoon as Dong Shik’s best friend, and he beautifully portrays his dependence on that friendship. It’s almost like Dong Shik is his lifeline, which makes me extremely curious about his secret. The other is Heo Sung Tae as Lee Chang Jin, what a great actor. I thoroughly enjoy how mysteriously he plays him; the Russian extenuates him even more, brilliant storyline. It’s like Chang Jin is the only one with the inside info and uses it to string everyone else along.



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