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Black Sun -- Episodes: 7 & 8 Connected Threads

What an opening to the episode. Nam, is indeed a sight for sore eyes, a magnificent specimen of a man. I just leave these here for a minute before I even attempted to comment on the episode. I had hoped Jung Moon Sung would be with us for more than just a guest appearance, but I figured the minute Hwang Mo Sul told him he would soon be hung, I knew his days were numbered. I don't know, but the more I think of it, the more it seems like there are so many threads all running separately, yet all connecting somehow.

As relieved as I was to know that Ye Ji isn't a double agent, well, at least for now, as disappointed for her mini betrayal of Ji Hyuk, and even if she's not all bad, I think there is more to her than meets the eye. At least now we know what motivates her, finding the truth about her father. I am not sure who is worse Director Kang for using Ye Ji's weakness to get to Ji Hyuk or Ye Ji letting him manipulate her. I'm not sure if Ji Hyuk expected Ye Ji to betray him at some point, as people tend to do, but he sure didn't seem surprised by it. I would've preferred it if he kept away from her, but I understand that rather than someone trustworthy, he needs someone who has access to NIS's system since he doesn't.

They're all using Ji Hyuk to try and cover up their wrongdoings while desperately wanting what's in his head. But then so is he, using them, but even with his shoddy memory, he's better at it than they, especially since he isn't as emotional. I'm as surprised as Ji Hyuk to know that the person he entrusted with his memories was Ha Dong Gyun. As much as it seems like it shouldn't make sense, it does. Drugs and not the typical grade or type, Sangmuhoe, Baek Mo Sa (Yoo Oh Sung), could he be Ye Ji's father, like Director Kang told her, or another manipulation game; even Lee In Hwan, Jeong Yong Tae, and the NIS as a whole are all linked each with their own dirty secret.

It constantly feels like every time Ji Hyuk gets closer to the truth, the further away it gets from him. I don't know what he expected, but I doubt he foresaw it would get as complicated as it has with so many people, those he once considered friends, foes, and even strangers interlocking to distort rather than illuminate. I'm almost scared of what Ji Hyuk's memories will reveal. It feels ominous, like he wouldn't like what he finds. I am worried about what that would do to him. I hope I am wrong.

What I hate most is how everyone is used as bait, nothing is off limits, playing on their most intimate fears and weaknesses in the name of exposing the truth. It's tiring, infuriating and disgusting, to say the least. I guess this is what they mean when they say power doesn't corrupt people, people corrupt people. There is no truthiness to anyone in this drama, but that's what makes it more captivating. Watch episodes 9 & 10 here.



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