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Bossam -- Episode 3 & 4: Bound by the Chains of Society

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world ~ Robin Williams.

At its core, Bossam - Steal the Fate seems like such a simple, straightforward story of a hooligan who kidnaps a widowed in the act of bossam only to find the widowed was none other than the King's daughter. But the whole ordeal spirals out of control with far-reaching implications that neither the kidnapper Ba Woo nor the kidnapped Princess Soo Kyung expected, changing and endangering their lives and the lives of those who care for them. It opened up pandora's box, leading to schemes, secrets, and vileness.

I cannot even begin to imagine how Lee Dae Yeop must have felt to know the truth about his father, and I can only imagine how things will go for him moving forward. His father didn't seem like the type of person who hesitates to hurt anyone that stood in his way; even his son, thankfully Dae Yeop's aunt (Myung Se Bin), his father's sister, is a strong supporter of his and may be able to help him get out of trouble which he is bound to get into if he insists on saving the Princess. He seems like he's dead set on it. That said, though, I'm not entirely sure why I got the sense that the aunt may actually be Dae Yeop's mother, but I may be reading too much into things. Time will tell.

On the same token, my heart broke for Princess Hwa In to go from living a comfortable if not boring and somewhat invisible to be on the run from none other than her father-in-law who wants her dead is not only life-changing but devastating for a princess nonetheless. But to be told she was better of remaining dead and to watch her father pretend like he didn't see her when she snuck into the palace now that must've been devastating, I can see why the princess decided to end her life. The shame, the scandal of being unpure, and family abandonment in that period would've been intolerable. And to have what that poisonous Court Lady Kim Gae Shi (Song Sun Mi) told her, come true, with her father, the King pretending like he didn't see her when she came to him to save her from her evil father-in-law must've hurt more than him setting his dogs out to hunt her. How can the King still be trying to use his daughter as a bargaining chip; there must be more to this story.

It's not just the Princess' life that changed but Ba Woo and his son's too, and yes, he brought it on himself when he decided to partake in bossaming a widow, but who could blame him; all he was trying to do is making a living for his son and himself the best way he knew how; be it gambling, stealing, kidnapping or worse. I doubt he thought that one act would have him on the run. I can see how life is changing for both he and the princess and even the son. It's like fate brought them together to show them there is more to life than just living and accepting the unfair laws of men. In that sense, I am really curious to see how the Princess, Ba Woo, and his son Cha Dol who is a lot smarter than his age, use their circumstance to affect the change they would like to see in their world. Everybody seems to be living with one secret or another, and uncovering them will be the catalyst to freeing them from the chains of society that have doomed them to living invisibly. Watch Episodes 3 & 4 here.



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