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Bossam: Episodes 7 & 8: A King and Not A Father

This continues to be a battle of wits between the father and the father-in-law without regard to the many lives they destroy as they try to feed their greed for a throne none of them are worthy of, to begin with, with families like these who really need enemies. As they say, family members can be your best friends but also your worst enemies.

And I think this is the one thing I continue to struggle with the most with Bossam. A father's ability, not a King, to use if not risk his own child's life for how to own benefit. And despite recognizing the King was not acting as a father but a monarch who by divine law is not accountable to an earthly authority because his right to rule is derived from divine authority and is not subject to the will of his people, of the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm.

And with the knowledge that a King cannot be judged as an unjust monarch for protecting his divine authority to rule and safeguard his monarch even if sacrificing his only daughter is probably how King Gwanghae (Kim Tae Woo) justifies this his actions. Even with that knowledge, I'm still grappling with the King and father's choices. He can deny all he wants, but he is a father and chooses to ignore, if not belittle, that is atrocious in itself. I wonder if the fact that the Princess is Royal Consort So Eui's (So Hee Jung) daughter rather than the queens' has any bearing on the choices he's made both in her marriage as well as her fake death and ultimate chase down.

Everything appeared to come to a standstill, especially Ba Wu now that he's come face to face with the family that ruined his; I understand why he tried to distance himself from the Princess and his need for revenge but appreciate that he has a confidant in the Monk (Yoo Soon Woong) who helps him come to the reality of his and his son's situation if he would pursue his promise of revenge. And that despite his pain, when he finds out the Princess was in trouble, he sets out to save her with the help of Lee Dae Yeop, his enemy's son. I commend that in Ba Wu the most, his ability to put his grievance aside to help the Princess.

At this point of the drama, I've concluded that Lee Dae Yeop is causing the Princess more harm than good. He really should let her be; I know he means well, but bringing his father in to save her from her father is not keeping her safe, at least not in the long run. I was elated to see Dae Yeop's well; his father's plans go awry with Ba Wu saving the Princess because now neither father nor father-in-law has her. In my opinion, the Princess is better off and probably safer married to Ba Wu to get herself out of Dae Yeop and her father-in-law's family's circle, not that it would protect her from the King, but at least one less person is trying to kill her. But now that the Princess picked Ba Wu over Dae Yeop, she's unquestionably added to their, well, to Ba Wu's troubles.

Ba Wu and the Princess are the least of Dae Yeop's problems. He has more trouble with his father than he realizes, and if he cannot see how differently his aunt treats him compared to his older brother, he's an even bigger fool than I think him. But to his defense, it's something he probably could never imagine that his aunt is really his mother. I really cannot wait to see what Ba Wu and the Princess do from here now that they've practically confessed their feelings for each other. I hope marriage is in their near future as I think it just may keep them safe if not for the long term, at least the short. Watch episodes 7 & 8 here.



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