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Chimera -- Episode 1: When the Past Catches up to the Present

Chimera's trailer definitely left an impression with me in the story of a past case returning to haunt the present. And despite the story being done many times before, something about this one feels intriguing, maybe because I love crime dramas, the more convoluted the better. Park Hae Soo, back on the small screen so soon as perfectionist violent crimes detective Cha Jae Hyun after his major success with Squid Game, is a blessing indeed.

The same goes with Lee Hee Joon as doctor Lee Joong Yeob, a role different than the one he had in Mouse, which was impressive, not to mention legendary actors Kang Shin Il as Police Captian Han Joo Seok and Woo Hyun as the Police Chief Bae Seung Gwan, which boosted my interest in Chimera even more. As for Kim Soo Hyun as Yoo Jin, a criminal profiler peaked my interest. I'm not sure if it was her career choices or her ambiguity. The way she told Jae Hyun she decided to become a profiler because a serial killer's room reminded her of hers intrigued me.

I've always wondered why cops try to hide connections between cases from the past and similarities to it in the present. It's probably to cover up how the case was handled, or maybe to hide the fact that they may have arrested the wrong person for the crime. One would imagine a law enforcement agency would be interested in revealing the truth, no matter the consequence, because a cover-up is undoubtedly ten times worse than bringing to light any mistakes made during an investigation process. A lie can hide the truth, but it cannot change it. That's exactly what the case from the present is doing, using the past 1984 to expose the cover-up.

I have many ideas and thoughts swarming in my head. If the past is indeed repeating itself, whoever the culprit was from 35 years ago would be a middle-aged man. The person Jae Hyun chases seemed much younger with the physique of a woman. It makes me wonder if they are somehow related to the man arrested for the 1984 incident. Is it an act of revenge or just a copycat either way or both but the fact remains that the past has caught up to the present, and the way Jae Hyun's mother reacted to his accident leads me to believe his father may have lost his life in the Chimera incident 35 years ago. And despite it being too early to theorize, it seems the characters are somehow interconnected. And of all the characters I've seen so far, not that they are many, Captian Han and Chief Bae seem the most suspicious. Watch episode 1 here.

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26. Dez. 2021

The First 2 episodes are good enough for me to continue. I think the culprit is killing the people linked with 1984 incident. We will get to know more in other episodes. OCN is a best channel for us (Crime drama lovers). How are you doing? I watched 'Drink Now, Work Later', its good(one scene is in my top 10 list lol) . Started 'Bad and Crazy' and loving it lol. 'The Red Sleeve' is getting quite famous in Korea, I will check it out.

Happy Holidays and may new year bring better Kdramas lol 😁 They are rising our expectations every year lol.

Gefällt mir
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