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Chimera -- Episode 5 & 6: The TH-5 Project and Those Behind It

I've been trying to understand how Eugene connects to Chimera, and both Jae Hwan and Joong Yeop, especially now that flashbacks confirm Lee Song Woo (Kang Sang Won), the man who died in police custody, was Joong Yeop's father. And not only did he lose his father to police brutality at an early age, but also his pregnant mother to ingrained interpersonal societal rejection. I don't understand nor want to understand the need to shame, blame and guilt a whole family for one person's perceived mistakes, not even proven, merely perceived. What makes grown men -- adults, and police officers, treat a child and a pregnant woman as threats or filth of society. What's worse, pretend not to know what's happening in front of them, so as not to feel the guilt, I pray there never comes a time where I appreciate that.

Something about Jae Hwan's mom not remembering how his father died seems suspicious to me. I am almost sure his father was one of the university researchers that partnered with Taesam Chemical on the TH-5 project and later was killed in the 1984 chemical explosion. And if what reporter Kim Hyo-Kyung said was true, then Jae Hwan's father and the other researchers must have been killed because they knew how dangerous TH-5 was as a product. As for Reporter Kim, the more I see of her, the more I believe she may be working with Joong Yeop. She knows too much about the cases in the past, which strangely enough, not even the police know about.

This week's episodes provide a lot of new information on how all our characters connect. Seo Hyun Tae (Lee Gi Young) led Taesam Chemical in 1984, which ultimately merged with Seoryun Group, which he now chairs through marriage to Lee Hwa Hung (Kim Ho Jung), Seoryun Hospital's Chairman, and the person responsible for bringing Joong Yeop back to Korea as top surgeon at the hospital. But what makes things interesting is how they connect to the 1984 Chimera incident through Lee Hwa Hung's brother Assemblyman Lee Min Ki (Kim Kwi Seon), who was the lead prosecutor on the Chimera case in 1984. He back then worked alongside now Chief of Police, Bae Seung-Gwan, the recently killed Captain Han, and former police officer Hahm Yong Bok (Kwon Hyuk Bum), now turned thug. The irony of it all is that the very doctor they all sought to so badly save, maybe the one man who brings them down.

There is nothing more sexier than Lee Hee Joon speaking English. That said, there is a reason and motive behind everything Joong Yeop does. He led the police to him as a suspect, not only because he wants to direct them to the real culprits, but also because he needs them to protect him not only from the evil around him, but also himself. It is so true when they say, there are different ways the past comes into the present, and the Chimera of 1984 returning to get those who committed and covered up a multitude of injustices isn't only acceptable, but justified, despite it going against everything one believes. But let me say, if Lee Hee Joon brings the psychological mind games to Chimera, Park Hee Soo brings the fun.

If there is one thing that bothers me about Chimera is how the police seem so clueless, even when fed information about the Chimera of the past and how closely it resembles the attacks of the present, no connections are made. I mean, no follow up, five episodes in and how many deaths later, and still the police hasn't made any connections or gotten any information with all the sophisticated technology and tools at their finger tips. Yet a lone firefighter and reporter found all this information that detective Jae Hwan seemed clueless about its existence. Not sure if this is a plot hole or something else either way, I am still enjoying this drama.

And now that we have a little more insight into Jae Hwan's mother's memories, not that they seem credible, it has me wondering if maybe Jae Hwan and Eugene may be brother and sister. I've had my suspicions for a while now that the late Captain Han had feelings for Jae Hawn's mom, but I wasn't sure until this episode. In one of her flashbacks while cleaning out his room, she held a little girl and seemed pregnant, with Jae Hwan, when the accident that took her husband's life happened. They say the father died in an accident, and she lost her memory. I think he was one of the chimera victims, which would make him one of the researchers. But how does the reporter's father fit in, and is he feeding with all that information about his father and the 1984 Chimera incident, and if so, what was his role in that incident, if any. So many questions, and as for the firefighter, I had a feeling he was involved). I think he is simply the muscle guy, someone else is the mastermind behind these recent events.



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