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Chimera -- Episodes 7 & 8: Ghosts of the Past

Everything from the past seemed to slowly converge this week. Some identities were revealed, past connections were made, but mainly the evil and greedy deeds of the past, which have Chief Police Bae Seung, Assemblyman Lee Min Ki, and Chairman Seo Hyun Tae, wishing they could take it all back. But as they say, no man is rich enough to buy back his past. There is no disputing that one's past, especially the injustices they commit, will always have a way to return to haunt them. And like Lee Joong Yeop's father's father's lawyer (Kim Sang Il) told him that the people who wronged his father will never come forward and admit their wrongdoings, because they can't give up the life they committed such atrocities to gain.

I've had a hard time understanding how people who wrong others can sleep at night, especially Chairman Seo, who ruined the livelihoods of his many when he merged with his wife's father's company, birthing Chimera. The tattoo on his arm proves he is the Chimera of the past who committed those crimes to cover up his faulty product, to Chief Bae and Assemblyman Lee Min Ki, who framed and contributed to the death of an innocent man to cover up his evil deeds. But no matter how hard one tries to pretend that the past never happened, it always has a way of catching up when you least expect it.

The storyline in Chimera that intrigues me the most is Seoryun Hospital, bringing Lee Joong Yeop, the son of the man whose life they ruined, back to Korea to propel their hospital to fame. If that isn't ironic, I don't know what else is, but what is even more intriguing is that Joong Yeop worked so hard for that moment to get closer to the people who ruined his family and clear his father's name. I was interested to find out Lee Hwan Jeong gifted the Francis Bacon painting to Joong Yeop, which makes her appear suspicious even more so than the rest of her crew. She gives off strange vibes, like she knows something everybody else doesn't -- like she's planned this whole scenario. I wouldn't put it past her to be the Chimera of the present.

It's true that when they say nothing happens by chance or fate, people create their own fate by their actions. Joong Yeop sitting at the dinner table with Chairman Seo and his wife, letting him know he knew of the past and what he did to his father was the most impactful scene next to his, and Jae Hwan heartfelt talk. I liked that Joong Yeop let him know he was Lee Tae Young, but more Jae Hwan's compassion and the way he let Joong Yeop know neither his nor his family's pain is forgotten, that he has people in his corner tirelessly working to uncover the truths of the past despite what it may seem. I also liked that Jae Hwan finally realized and admitted he may have let his closeness to the late Captain Han cloud his judgment about Joong Yeop. It made me admire him even more. I had a feeling that Jae Hwan was Chairman Seo's son. I didn't expect his mother may have been one of the researchers from Teasm Chemical.

As for Agent Hathaway, something about her doesn't seem right. The way she said the chimera case was fun to her creeped me out. It made me realize that the show hasn't told us much about who she is, nothing about her past. All we know is that she is with the FBI and grew up in the US. But Reporter Kim seems to have either found something or knows something. I don't know if they were to each other because they have feelings for Jae Hwan or if there's something more there. They say attack is the best form of defense, and they both were on the attack. I figured there was something off about the firefighter. I don't think he's connected to Chimera, more like a copycat. He feels too much of a frenzied, irritated, nervous sociopath who lives on the edge of society, disturbed by the fact that he has to take care of a sick parent -- the fire bombing he's committed appears instant and unplanned unlike the other meticulously planned chemical attacks. We are halfway through, and I still have more questions than answers. Watch Episodes 7 & 8 here.

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Jan 15, 2022

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