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Mr. Queen - Episode 6: Choi Jin Hyuk and No-Touch-ee

As much as I love our Queen and King and excitedly wait for each episode to live vicariously through them as much as I can’t get enough of Choi Jin Hyuk’s voiceover. I doubt this drama works as well without him. The King is so getting roped into the Queen's quirkiness; I love it. I knew there was more to So Young than her trying to kill herself to frame a concubine.

And as they say, desperate acts call for desperate measures but for her to have been so desperate that she believed suicide was the only way out, and no one around her noticed, now that is truly sad.

Every moment in this drama is precious, but the club, the forest, and the King’s “no-touch-ee” scenes had me in stitches. Excellent writing, directing, editing, and acting; this is one of those dramas where you can’t help but enjoy all acting, even the villains (except the concubine, lol). I wish this were a daily drama.



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